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America and the Weapon of Talks

america and the weapon of talks

Three American Approaches towards Iran

1 – Great Deal Approach: In 2003, Sadiq Kharrazi proposed the idea of great deal to Swiss Ambassador in Tehran, but the American officials by following the policy of carrot and stick showed that they are interested in talks with Iran.

2 – Carrot and Stick approach (expansion and extraction): pressure, threats and sanctions on the one hand and calling for talks and resumption of ties on the other hand are among the US meaningless shows.

3 – Policy of containing Iran in the Middle East: the strategy of Iran’s containment in the Middle East and preventing it from becoming the first regional power has always been on the agenda of the United States.

4 – The weapon of talks

5 – They never agree that a country achieve its rights through talks. They negotiate to gain knowledge of its infrastructures in order to penetrate and then attack that country. They negotiate to create discord within the nations or postpone their attempts to achieve their desired goals. This is the weapon of colonial powers and they spare no effort to achieve their goals. A cursory look at the past processes and used weapons in the cases of Iraq, Libya and North Korea would clarify the case. Clearly whenever a nation has submitted to them it has prepared the grounds for show of muscle by colonial powers.

7- Short term goals towards Iran

8 – Suspension of uranium enrichment

Deterrence and establishment of balance of power vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic of Iran

Regional and international containment of Iran

9 – Long-term goals

10 – Turning Iran into a laic and neutral country

Measures such as “exertion of pressure”‌, “threatening”‌, “sanctions”‌ and “containment”‌ have been among the US weapons over the past few years.

11 – Mid-term goals of the West towards Iran

12 – Change of behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Settlement of the problem of Middle East

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