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University of Dhaka


The first-ever University in Bangladesh, Dhaka University began with 192 students and 3 faculties in July 1st, 1921.

The East Bengal Educational Ordinance, 1947, was promulgated, by which the University, without prejudice to its original character as a teaching and residential University was entrusted with sole authority to recognize and affiliate all educational institutions in East Bengal above Materict and High Madrasa standard Accordingly, in 1947, the University of Dhaka affiliated 58 1st and 2nd grade colleges throughout the whole of East Bengal After independence the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh promulgated the adaptation of University Laws by the Bangladesh Ordinance No. 1 of 1972. Afterwards, in pursuance to the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the President Order No. 11 of 1973 which is called the "Dacca University Order, 1973 was promulgated.



·         Department ofBengali

·         Department ofEnglish

·         Department ofArabic

·         Department ofHistory

·         Department of Islamic History and Culture

·         Department ofIslamic Studies

·         Department ofInformation Science and  Library Management

·       Department ofLinguistics

·         Department ofMass Communication and Journalism

·         Department ofPhilosophy

·         Department ofSanskrit and Pali

·         Department of Theatre and Music

·         Department ofUrdu and Persian

·         Department of World Religion



·         Department ofAnthropology

·         Department ofEconomics

·         Department ofInternational Relations

·         Department ofPolitical Science

·         Department ofPublic Administration

·         Department of Sociology

·         Department of Population Sciences

·         Department of Peace and Conflict

·         Department of Women's Studies

·         Department of Development Studies



·         Department of Accounting & Information Systems

·         Department ofFinance and Banking

·         Department of Management

·         Department ofMarketing



·         Department ofChemistry

·         Department ofApplied Chemistry & Chemical Technology

·         Department ofComputer Science

·         Department of Geography & Environment

·         Department ofGeology

·         Department of Mathematics

·         Department of Physics

·         Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

·         Department of Statistics



·         Department ofAqua-culture and Fisheries

·         Department ofBio-chemistry and Molecular Biology

·         Department ofBotany

·         Department ofClinical Psychology

·         Department ofMicrobiology

·         Department ofPsychology

·         Department of Soil, Water & Environment

·         Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

·         Department ofZoology



·         Department of Law



·         Department ofPharmacy


The library service is an integral part of the academic activities of both the faculty members and students. By the size of the collection (over 550,000 estimated), Dhaka University Library is the largest of all academic as well as other libraries of Bangladesh. But it is not the size, but the excellence of its collection, particularly in rare books, ancient manuscripts and collections developed out of special depositories, it is an academician's playground.

Apart from two major sites, the library also maintains the collections of a Seminar section in the main library and departmental libraries. The two major sites are known as the Main Library and the Science Library.

Collections of the Main library :The main library houses reading materials including text books, reference materials, rare books, ancient manuscripts (over 30,000 manuscripts on various languages, viz., Sanskrit, Bengali, Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Maithaly, etc.) special collections (including UN collection), current journals and periodicals, Abstracts and Indexes in the Humanities and Social Sciences, old journals and periodicals and many more of interest and requirements of the faculty members and students of the disciplines of arts, social sciences, business studies and law.

Collections of the Science Library: The Science Library Collections contain text books, reference materials, journals and periodicals of interest to the faculty members and students of the pure and applied sciences. It subscribes to major abstracting and indexing journals of the world.  Borrowing and photocopying facilities of reading materials for science students and teachers are available in that section of the library.

Internet services to faculty members and research students have already begun in December 1998. This has been specially organized to support the Research and Development activities. And this homepage is also for the purpose of satisfying the above need.

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