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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


The motto of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is 'Nyansapo wosane no badwemma'  (Twi) which literally translated into English is 'The Knot of Wisdom can be untied only by the wise'.

Mission Statement

The mission of KNUST is to provide an environment for teaching, research and entrepreneurship training in Science and Technology for development of Ghana and Africa. KNUST will also provide service to the community, be open to all the people of Ghana and positioned to attract scholars, industrialists and entrepreneurs from Africa and other international communities.
Vision Statement
The vision of KNUST is to be globally recognised as the premier Centre of excellence inAfrica for teaching in Science and Technology for development; producing high calibre graduates with knowledge and expertise to support the industrial and socio-economic development ofGhana and Africa.


Located in the historic city of Kumasi, KNUST's revolutionary spirit is unique among Ghana's universities. KNUST draws exceptional students from around the country and other countries to its undergraduate and graduate schools.

College of Art
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Environmental & Dev't Studies
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Social Science
School of Engineering
School of Graduate Studies
School of Medical Sciences
Institute for Renewable Natural Resources
Institute of Land Management & Administration

University Relations Office

The University Relations Office (URO), of the Registrar's department is the unit charged with the responsibility of uplifting and maintaining the image and identity of the entire university.  It could be likened to the “eye” and “mouthpiece” as far as the university is concerned.

Main Functions

The URO performs distinct functions geared towards enhancing the image and identity of the university.  These may be categorized into seven main groupings thus:
1. The responsibility for all university publications
2. Link/liaison between the university and the public
3. Assist in the organization of workshops, seminars and other university functions like “Congregation” and “Matriculation”.
4. Alumni Relations
5. Counseling services
6 Intra-University relations
7. International Relations / Linkages


Among the materials published by the URO are:
a.) Recorder (The official University Gazette)
b.) KNUST Newsletter
c.) Journal of the University of Science & Technology (JUST)
d.) Occasional / Special materials (eg. Congregation Programmes, vice-chancellor's' report etc.)

For further information please contact:
Solomon Panford
Senior Assistant Registrar
University Relations Office
Private Mail Bag
Kumasi, Ghana
West Africa

Tel: 233-51-60021; 233-20-8115358
Fax: 233-51-60137
e-mail: uro@knust.edu.gh

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