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Louise Brown, First Test-Tube Baby

(July 25, 1978 - )

The first baby to be born from vitro fertilization was Louise Brown. Louise was born in England, 1978. There were some complications, so the doctors decided to do a caesarian operation. Louise was John and Lesley's first child, and the child was the first test-tube baby born in history. Louise was five pounds and twelve ounces.

Lesley had a medical condition called Blocked Fallopian Tubes, and could never have a child. Unless, maybe, if she this new vitro fertilization. Since Lesley and John wanted a baby very much they decided to try it, and it worked!

OnJuly 25, 1978, a blonde, blue-eyed, little baby entered this world. The Associated Press declared her a truck driver's miracle child. In vitro fertilization was a medical breakthrough, because it helped doctors to overcome intractable problems with a woman's fallopian tubes. Scientists had been working on this technique for decades, and this time they got it to work.

After Louise was born childless couples hoping for a miracle baby and dramatically increasing numbers to invitro clinics.

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