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Gregor Mendel

(July 22, 1822 - January 6, 1884)

Gregor Mendel was born inHeinzendorf, Austria onJuly 22, 1822. He died inBrno, AustriaJanuary 6, 1884. mendel's first presentation was on his eight years of expiementation with artificial plant hybridization. During his studies he became a member of the Zoologist-botanisher Vernin inVienna. His first two communications were published in 1853 to 1854. Both articles contained information about damage to plants by insects. Between 1856 to 1863 Mendel cultivated and tested almost 28,000 plants. His explaination was that hibrid germinal and pollen cells that are in their composition correspond in equal number to all constant forms resulting from the combinations of traits united through fertilization. Mendel's rediscovery of his works brought a close to an era of speculation on heredity. Therefore Mendel opened a new pathway of study on heredity to reveal a new mechanism operating in the sense of evolution.

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