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University ofTehran


University of Tehran, is the oldest and largest scientific, educational and research center of the country which is called the“Mother University” and the“Symbol of higher education of the country”. This scientific center is the entering gate of Iran into the new civilization. It is also considered as one of the pioneers of the society in important scientific, cultural, political and social affairs. It is such that besides its old role in political and social changes of the country, its remarkable impact in the scientific-cultural development of the society is also undeniable. With regard to the critical mission and heavy responsibility towards the country and the exalted Iranian nation as well and also for the purpose of flourishing the potential talents of the country at the high level of human knowledge and adapting its programs with the necessities and facilities of the country, this university makes efforts to play a specific role in the construction of the country and achieve the glorious scientific–industrial dynamic and sustainable peaks.


The history of the establishment of University inIran dates back to the year 1951 and the establishment of Darolfonoon– which was founded as a result of the efforts of Mirza Taghi Khan Amir Kabir, aiming at training and teaching Iranian experts on many fields of sciences. In the year 1928,Professor Mahmood Hesabi proposed the subject of running a center which could be comprehensive or cover most of the sciences to the then Minister of Culture. Following that, the plan of the establishment of theUniversity of Tehran was prepared in 1931 and submitted to the National Consultative Parliament. It was approved in May 29, 1934. At the beginning of the establishment, the branches of the University which were then named as faculties were as follows:

Faculty of Science
Faculty of Literature, Philosophy and Educational Science
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Techniques and Engineering
Faculty of Law, Political and Economic Science
Faculty of Theology
Other faculties were founded as following:

Fine Arts (1941)

Veterinary Medicine (1943)
Agriculture (1945)
Business Administration (1954)
Education (1954)
Natural Resources (1963)
Economics (1970)
Foreign Languages (1989)
Environmental Studies (1992)

In 1992 the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology became separated from UT and composed theTehran University of Medical Sciences.

The Central Library and documents Archives of the University of Tehran is one of the most important university libraries throughout of Iran.
And encompasses a rich & wide range of references in different areas of Science, Technology and Literature courses, and also a great deal of works on studies about Iranology.

Different divisions of the library are including:

1. Supplying
2. Cataloguing Arabian, Persian printed Books & References
3. Printed books in foreign languages
4. Faculties Service
5. Periodicals
6. Center of Documents & Diplomas
7. Lending Books
8. Manuscripts
9. Reparation & defects finding of Printed and Manuscripted Books
10. Cultural, Audio-Video Services
11. Computer & Data-Bank Center
12. Public Relations

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