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The Egyptian Museum (4)
Other Items

Two piece ivory papyrus burnisher

Case for a scribe's brush made of wood with overlaid gold foil, inlaid with semiprecious stones and glass

Wood sandals with gold foil on stucco base, overlaid with marquetry veneer of bark and green leathe

Ivory fan trimmed with ostrich feathers

Dagger of hardened gold with inlaid semiprecious stones and glass

This royal scepter

Bronze trumpet partially overlaid with gold

Tutankhamun's ceremonial crook and flail

Senet game board mounted on ebony stand

Wooden and Fabric Model Boat

Ivory Head Rest

Gold Gilded Wooden Chariot

Jubilee Vase
Material: Alabaster
Size: Height 37 CM; Diameter 28 CM
Location: Saqqara, Pyramid of Djoser, Subterranean Gallery
Excavation: Antiquities Service (1932-1933)
Period: Second Dynasty (2770-2649 BC)

Small Sealed Vase
 Material: Carnelian and Gold
Height 4.2 CM; Diameter 6.5 CM
Location Abydos, Tomb of Khasekhem
Excavator: W.M.F. Petrie
Date Discovered: 1900-1901 Excavations
Date: Second Dynasty, Reign of Khasekhem

Receptacle in the Form of a Shell
 Material: Gold
Length 5.3 CM
Location: Saqqara, Funerary Complex of Sekhemkhet
Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavation (1950)
Date: 3rd Dynasty Reign of Sekhemkhet (2611-2603 BC)

Jar with Painted Decorations
 Material: Painted Clay
Size: Height 22 CM; Diameter 15 CM
Location: Unknown
Period: Predynastic Period, Naqada II (3500-3100 BC)

Disc from the Tomb of Hemaka
 Material: Black Steatite
Size: Diameter 8.7 CM; Thickness 0.7 CM
Location: Saqqara, Tomb of Hemaka
Excavation: W. B. Emery's Excavations of 1936
Period: 1st Dynasty (2920-2770 BC) Reign of Den

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