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1-Jesus in the Qur'an: His Reality Expounded in the Qur'an
Hamid Algar

Book Description
A feature of the Qur'an that deserves careful attention is that while it unambiguously asserts the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the divine abrogation by means of the revelation entrusted to him of all preceding books, it also devotes considerable attention to the prophets that cam before him. This is not by way of ecumenical goodwill to the followers of religious other than Islam for the prophets in question are all legitimately regarded as prophets of Islam are portrayed, moreover, in ways radically different from the relevant biblical narratives. This is especially true of Jesus, upon whom be peace; his true character is revealed to us by the Quran to have been that of a prophet sent to reaffirm the law of the Torah, while modifying certain parts of it, and to proclaim the coming of the last and most perfect of the messengers, Muhammad (SAW). He was born without paternity, whether human or divine, and he was neither killed on the cross, nor even p! laced on it, being instead raised by Allah unto Himself. Both his entry to this world and his departure from it are, then, of a strictly mysterious nature. The Quran alludes, in addition, to his return to earth at the end of time, a theme more fully elaborated in hadith. Given the fallible nature of the Gospels, it may safely be asserted that the Quran, as revelation, is the only source of true and certain knowledge concerning this messenger of Allah..

2-The Koran: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
Michael Cook

The Koran has constituted a remarkably resilient core of identity and continuity for a religious tradition that is now in its fifteenth century. In this Very Short Introduction, Michael Cook provides a lucid and direct account of the significance of the Koran both in the modern world and in that of traditional Islam. He gives vivid accounts of its role in Muslim civilization, illustrates the diversity of interpretations championed by traditional and modern commentators, discusses the processes by which the book took shape, and compares it to other scriptures and classics of the historic cultures of Eurasia.

3-Islam & Christianity: Conflict or Conciliation? : A Comparative and Textual Analysis of the Koran & the Bible
Muhammed A. Asadi (Author)

The Koran from the beginning has sought conciliation with the “People of the Book.” It presented itself as “all-inclusive” to members of all religions based on their sincerity in accepting the truth when it gets to them. In this context, it states that all those who believe in God and the last day, regardless of label, will have nothing to fear. Christians are termed as the “closest” to the Muslims in “love”(compared to all other groups). Mary, the mother of Jesus is honored in the Koran as, “a woman chosen above the women of all nations” (Koran 3:42).

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