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A role model for authorities of Islamic societies

imam ali (a.s)

The best model for the rulers of Islamic societies is the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam.

 All deeds and acts of the Holy Prophet of Islam were for the sake of Allah. He did not do anything in his life except for the pleasure of God. Therefore if the Muslim rulers intend to establish a just and healthy society, they must follow his example.

Also another infallible personality who follow the example of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam was the Commander of Faithful Ali bin Abi Tablib. His deeds and practices as a ruler of the Islamic territories as well as when he was not in power show that all his deed and creed was only for the sake of Allah. 

 So the authorities in Islamic societies who only intend to follow their master should seek their success in sincere intentions and rejection of hypocrisy and exhibition. They should purify the society from the corruption caused by flatterers and sycophants and those leaving faith for pleasure.

Another word from the defender of righteousness who opened the gates of sincerity for the seekers of purity: “Sincerity is the greatest happiness and salvation.”‌[1] 

Imam Ali has advised all Muslims to be sincere and faithful in their deed and creed: “Sincerity is the outmost limit of religion and faith.”‌[2]

In another tradition handed down from the Imam, he says: “Fortunate are those who purify their work, acts, friendship, anger, giving, speaking, and silence for God.”‌

All the traditions mentioned above as well as the sunnah of the Prophet of Islam indicate that sincerity in deed is very effective in winning the pleasure of God.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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