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Sincerity of deeds is the key to salvation

imam ali (a.s)

One of the key personality traits of Imam Ali (PBUH) is sincerity. Sincerity in essence means purity of intention against polytheism, hypocrisy, and sensual desires on the one hand and having pure love and affection on the other. Sincerity, in other words, means rejection of hypocrisy. Hence, a sincere person is one who seeks nothing but divine satisfaction and pleasure of God in his deed and creed.

As a perfect person who gave priority to obedience of God over his personal desires, Imam Ali (PBUH) believes that human salvation lies in sincerity and says: “Be sincere to be saved”‌.[1]

He also says: “Be sincere in your deeds to be happy.”‌[2]

He was a symbol and manifestation of pureness and sincerity, spent his lifetime for promotion of his beliefs, and stayed with his followers until the last moment. History of Islam is full of examples of his sincere acts. Here only one example of the most popular acts of the Imam are mentioned below:

The Prophet (PBUH) decided to move to Medina and Imam Ali (PBUH) decided to sleep on his bed after he left to save the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and also gain the pleasure of God. To admire his sacrifice a verse is revealed: And among men is he who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah, and Allah is affectionate to the servants.”‌[3]

The Imam also says: “The nation and followers of Muhammad (PBUH) who keep his secrets, should bear mind that I have never been against the commands of God and those of his Prophet, but I helped him with my life where the brave lost their hearts and ran away. That braveness was given to me by God[4]”‌

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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[2] Nahjul Bilaqa, speech 197

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