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Don’t take a decision at the time of anger


In order to manage anger, it is advisable not to make any decision while one is angry. Moreover, it is also advisable not to respond to a person whom we are debating if we are angry because we may say things that create irreversible situations. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the infallibles have advised us to control our anger. But, it is a part of human nature and not every human being can necessarily control his or her anger.  Aware of this feature of human personality, our Holy Prophet (PBHU) as well as Infallible Imams therefore have advised us not to take any decision while angry. We must allow the situation to change and then take an appropriate and wise decision.

Anger is a devastating factor, sing of stupidity, fire from devil, deepener of hatred, and destroyer of family foundations. The Messenger of love and affection discouraged decision in time of anger[1] and the one raised by him believed that anger was the cause of devastation:

Anger is an evil and if you unleash it inside, it will devastate you.[2]

Unleashing anger is the sign of leaving the circle of humanity and wisdom and entering the animal world of wilderness.

The Infallibles have been quoted as saying: “whoever does not stop his anger is not from us[3]”‌

Whoever is dominated by anger is of just like animals.[4]

Anger is due to stupidity.[5]

Scholars believe that human beings are vulnerable and are may commit mistakes. Therefore, instead of worsening the mistakes by another mistake, we should try to manage them.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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