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Imam Hadi Preaches Motawakel

imam hadi (a.s)

Imam Hadi, you are free in Samara but Motawakel’s people spy on you, claiming that you plan to revolt against his rule. Motawakel sends a group to search your house in the midnight, but they find nothing and face you alone in a room in your woolen cloth reciting Qur'an on a sandy surface.

They take you to Motawakel in the same appearance and say: we found nothing and he was reciting Qur'an towards the direction of Ka’ba.

Motawakel respects you, makes you sit beside him and offers you a glass of wine when you get upset and reply: My flesh and blood has not met such things, forgive me!

He asks you to read a poem and you say I don’t know much poetry but he insists and you read the following ones:

{Cruel and mighty rulers} spent nights on mountains, while strong men guarded them, but mountains could not save them {from death}

They were taken from their glorious stand and put in holes {graves; what an unpleasant home!

After burying them, someone called where are those jewels and crowns and clothes?

Where are those beautiful faces brought up in affluence and luxury for which curtains were installed {they had curtains and guards}?

The grave replied: now worms fight over eating those faces!

They ate and drank in the world for a long time, but those who ate everything are now the food for worms and insects in grave!

They made many houses to protect themselves, but they have finally left those houses and families and ran for the grave! So much money and property they saved, but now they left all behind for their enemies!

Their luxury houses and castles are now destroyed and the inhabitants ran for dark graves! Motawakel cries so hard; his face gets wet, and so do others in the meeting. He orders his men to take away the wine and gives you four thousand dirhams and returns you to your home respectfully.[1] 

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


[1]Moravej al-Zahab vol. 4, p. 11

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