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Imam Hadi’s Weapons are Prayers

imam hadi (a.s)

During the rule of Motawkel, Imam Hadi had to face hardship. He was always under the control of the spies of the rulers. Nevertheless he discharged his duties as the Imam of Muslims.

Once Motawakel ordered his men to search your house. They searched your house but what they found was the Qur'an, supplication books and prayers mat.

Yahya bin Haraama said “we went to the house of Ali (PBUH) after reaching Medina. We entered and people learned about the arrest issue, there was a huge stress and dissatisfaction among them and they cried so hard I had never seen before. I made them calm by giving them my words that I am not there to hurt him. Then I started searching his house and there was nothing in his special room except some supplication books and the Qur'an. A number of agents took him out and I served him personally throughout this trip.

After arriving in Bagdad, I first met Governor Isaac bin Ibrahim Taheri who told me: Yahya! He is the son of the Prophet, beware! If you encourage Motawakel to kill him, the Prophet (PBUH) will be your enemy. I swear by God I have seen nothing but goodness and there is no reason I may do such thing, I replied.

Then we went to Samara and I told the story to Vasif Turky who told me: you are responsible if he is hurt! I was astonished by the words of Isaac bin Ibrahim and Vasif Turky and after entering the castle and visiting Motawakel I reported my journey to him and I saw Motawakel respects him as well.[1]”‌

You are free in Samara but Motawakel’s people spy on you and backbite you claiming you are hiding weapon, letters and other staff given by your Shias from Qom and that you are planning to revolt against his rule. Motawakel sends a group to search your house in the midnight, but they find nothing and face you alone in a room in your woolen cloth reciting Qur'an on a sandy surface.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


[1]Tazkerat al-Khawas

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