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Imam Ali al-Naqi al-Hadi Was Brought to Samara Despite His Will

imam hadi (a.s)

Imam Hadi, you kept the line of Imamate alive despite all ups and downs in your life. You had you own network to keep the light of Islam glittering although you had to endure many difficulties in your life.

The governor of Medina, Abdullah bin Muhammad Hashemi, made Motawakel too concerned by his letter on your political activities,[1] but you rejected his allegations by sending Motawakel a letter so Motawakel removed his Governor and replied through letter:

“In the name of God to whom all praise belongs, the Leader of all Muslims (PBUH) knows you well and respects your personality, greatness and consanguinity with the Prophet. My only goal is to provide for divine satisfaction as well as yours. Hence I order Abdullah bin Muhammad, the war commander and leader of Friday Prayers, removed and install Muhammad bin Fazl to replace him as you requested. He is ordered to obey your orders and do his best to respect you and thus get closer to God, His Prophet and the Leader of Muslims (PBUH).

The Leader of Muslims desires your visit to renew the allegiance, if you also desire to see the Caliph you may move with your family and friends and followers. The trip will be planned as you wish and you may stop wherever you want and, if preferred, Yahya bin Haraama, the Caliph servant will accompany you to serve you honorably since we regard you highly and like you so much. God bless you”‌.[2]

You have no way and should go since rejecting Motawakel’s demand confirms the allegations of his governor. So he may create more problems for you that’s why later in Samara you said “I was brought here against my will.”‌[3]

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


[1]Bihar al-Anwar vol. 50 p. 200.

[2]Osule Kafi vol. 1 p. 501.

[3]Majlesi vol. 50, p. 129.

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