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Permissible and Impermissible Foods in Qur’an and Traditions


The Holy Qur’an:

1. We grow seeds and grape and grass and olive and date and gardens with many trees and fruits and grasslands so you may benefit from them (80:29-32)

2. God created the farm animals and you eat from them (16:5)

3. He is the one dominating seas so you eat fresh meat … (16:14)

4. There is a lesson in farm animals for you from the milk of which we feed you (23:21)

5. A drink comes out of their (honey bees) stomach with different colors which is curing for people … (16:69)


1.  Bread

The Holy Prophet (PBUH): “God bless our bread and do not separate us from it because without it we would not be able to feast, pray or do our other obligatory duties (Kafi 6/287)

Imam Sadiq:  (PBUH) “body is built over bread”‌ (Kafi 6/286)

Imam Sadiq:  (PBUH) “human eating is mainly bread and water (Bihar 3/87)

The above verses and traditions indicate that God has created the basic needs of human beings in the nature. Among them bread is very fundamental. However, bread here is not necessarily confined to bread baked by wheat or other seeds; it refers to any staple food human beings use in different parts of the world. In fact it is the staple food which provides human beings with the basic needs although other supplementary food and fruits fall also in the same category. The holy Qur’an also does not refer to merely one seed or fruit rather it refers to many. Human beings must thank God for these blessings He has granted us. Besides seeds, fruits and vegetables, the Qur’an also refers to animals and seafood as a source of survival and health of human beings.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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