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  Supplication and avoidance of sins: keys to heartfelt relations with the Imam of Time

imam mahdi (a.s)

Imploring help from the Infallibles is another way to get closer to the Imam of Time. It is much better to invoke the Infallibles to intercede God to grant us visiting of the Imam of Time. We should not forget that all power belongs to God and the Infallibles are merely some windows through which we can beseech God to grant us all kinds of assistance. Assistance comes only from God. Others are merely spiritual guides through which we can beseech God. They do not have any power of their own without God. Even the prophets do not have any power of their own, but they receive it from God. The power of intercession too comes from God.

Disbelief and troubles will not get into our life if we supplicate and worship God properly. No Muslim is allowed to worship the Infallibles. By asking them to intercede, we don’t worship them; rather we use the power that God has granted them, i.e., the power to intercede because they are closer to God.

 Praying God through the infallibles’ intercession also would make our lives happier.

Another way for spiritual relations with the Imam of Time is by avoiding sins. We all should reject everything that dissatisfies the Imam. He hates sins and we should avoid sins even if the situation is ready for it.

We are like the children of Muhammad (PBUH) and the Imam also is like a father to us though we may not see him. He sees us and listens to our problems but we neither see him nor know his problems. We are away from him, a distance we have made.

The late Ayatollah Safi a Muslim scholar from Isfahan, succeeded to a receive an advise from the Imam through intuition on last days of his life. Ayatollah Safi recalls that glimpse: “when I was building my house I asked him how you suggest to build my house? He answered build it in a way that if the Imam was passing by and decided to rest, he may not say this house is not my place; build it so that he may say I will knock and rest here for an hour. Do not close your doors to the Imam! So why do we do that to our hearts? Why do we do that to our eyes that may not see him anymore?

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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