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Remembrance and chanting, a way to have heartfelt relations with Imam of the Time

imam mahdi (a.s)

We should always remember the Imam of the Time and not forget him so he won’t forget us either. The Qur’an says “remember me to remember you”‌.

Ayatollah Mazaheri says: “Allama Tabatabaie was not well on his last days. We went to visit him along with some of his students. Various things came up and I thought it was time to ask him something so to benefit from this visit. I said “Master! Tell us something to practice. He thought a little and said I don’t remember anything but this verse:

“Remember me to remember you and thank me and don’t be ungrateful”‌.

To whom we owe more than God? Who hides our shortcomings better than God? Who protects our fame and prevents us from scandals but God? He even prevents us from gossips. If we commit a sin He does not let others to reveal it. He even warns us: you are not allowed to tell others if you commit a sin. Should not we remembrance and worship such a kind and compassionate God?

In Islam we are taught to remember forty believers in supererogatory nocturnal prayers. Who is a believer? A Muslim who also loves Imam Ali (PBUH), being a sinner, a man or women does not matter. When we raise our hands during nocturnal prayers and cry “O God forgive so and so”‌ usually the names of those we love much, come to our mind. This is a beautiful situation which God loves. He wants us to make our hearts closer to him. This is a blessing from God that someone awakes at midnight to worship God and pray for the believers.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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