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1-The Dictionary of Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Dutch Philosophers

General Editors: Wiep van Bunge, Henri Krop, Bart Leeuwenburgh, Han van Ruler, Paul Schuurman and Michiel Wielema

As a result of the unique position held by the Netherlands during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries,The Dictionary of Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Dutch Philosophersconstitutes an anthology of European thought at large. In this 200-year period of the Dutch Republic, its people experienced a Golden Age in the arts, in sea trade and in philosophy that left a lasting impression on European culture. The Dutch witnessed nothing less than a philosophical revolution, driven to a large extent by the émigrés from France, Finland, Portugal, Britain, Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere, who provided the Golden Age with its thinkers.
Included are all foreign thinkers (such as René Descartes and Pierre Bayle) who exercised a major influence on the philosophical life of the Dutch Republic and who developed their ideas through interaction with other philosophers residing there. Previously neglected thinkers are included alongside well-known figures such as Benedict Spinoza. Each entry includes a bibliography listing the subject's major and minor philosophical writings and giving guidance to further reading. A system of cross-references makes it easy for the reader to pursue connections and influences.
This unique dictionary features entries on Dutch universities, city academies, publishing houses and journals. A key research source, it will also include maps, portraits and title-page facsimiles.

 over 400 entries, cross-referenced and fully indexed

first comprehensive biographical reference work to document this important era

covers Spinoza and all the major figures, plus a huge variety of previously neglected figures

each entry contains a biography, a critical assessment and a primary and secondary bibliography

illustrated with maps, portraits and title-page facsimiles

indispensable to scholars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Wiep van Bunge, Henri Krop, Bart Leeuwenburgh, Han van Ruler, Paul Schuurman and Michiel Wielema, all of Erasmus University, Rotterdam
W.J. van Asselt, E.J. Bos, F.J. Dijksterhuis, J. van Eijnatten, A. Goudriaan, A.J. Hanou, M.C. Jacob, L. Jensen, Ch. Luethy, J. de Man, W.W. Mijnhardt, L.C. Palm, C. de Pater, L. Simonutti, J. van Sluis, H.A.M. Snelders, P. Steenbakkers, L.H.M. Wessels, J. de Vet
University of Leiden, University of Utrecht, Illustrious School of Amsterdam, Illustrious School of Rotterdam
Nouvelles de la République des Lettres,Bibliothèque Ancienne,De Examinator,De Boekzaal van Europe
Publishing Firms
Elzevier, Luchtmans
Johannes Althusius, Ruardus Andala, Pierre Bayle, Isaac Beeckman, Willem Bilderdijk, Herman Boerhave, Franco Burgersdijk, Petrus Camper, Jean Le Clerc, René Descartes, Justus van Effen, Arnout Geulinx, Dirk Graswinckel, Hugo Grotius, Frans Hemsterhuis, Christiaan Huygens, Menasseh ben Israel, Pierre Jurieu, Justus Lipsius, John Locke, Bernard Mandeville, Lodewijk Meyer, Bernard Nieuhoff, Isaac Orobio de Castro, Elisabeth van de Palts, Pieter Rabus, Jacobus Revius, Martin Schoock, Willem Jacob ‘s Gravesande, Anna Maria van Schuurman, Benedictus de Spinoza, Isaac Titsing, Gerard de Vries, Daniel Wyttenbach, Belle van Zuylen

Publication Details:
October 2003  /
ISBN 1 85506 966 0
2 volumes:   1000 pp:  Cloth : new material : 234x154mm
Special pre-publication price until 30 September 2003 : £295.00 / $450.00
Price: £350.00 / $525.00

2-The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers
Senior Editors: W. J. Mander and A. P. F. Sell

Following in the footsteps of Thoemmes Press'sDictionary of Eighteenth-Century British Philosophers (1999) andDictionary of Seventeenth-Century British Philosophers (2000), this new work will be at the forefront of research sources in the history of ideas.The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers covers the period beginning (approximately) with Jeremy Bentham and ending with J. H. Muirhead. All the major nineteenth-century philosophers are here, but so too is a very wide range of less well-known writers, many of whom have not been mentioned elsewhere in philosophical encyclopوdias or dictionaries. The importance of looking at minor figures is now widely accepted. These lesser lights often posed the problems that stimulated greater intellects, and it is usually the more obscure figures, not the luminaries, who are the typical representatives of the thought of a period. If an author contributed directly to the history of ideas or wrote for non-specialist readers about the way human beings perceive or respond to the world, he or she is included.
Each entry is written in an accessible style, giving a biographical sketch of the author, and an analysis and assessment of his or her doctrines and ideas, with emphasis on the historical context and, where relevant, subsequent influences. Entries also include a bibliography listing the subject's major and minor philosophical writings and giving guidance to further reading. A system of cross-references makes it easy for the reader to pursue connections and influences.

Gavin Budge (University of Central England), Tom Duddy (University College, Galway), Dolores Dooley (University College, Cork), Caroline Franklin (University of Wales, Swansea), Ivor Grattan-Guinness (Middlesex University), Bernard Lightman (York University, Toronto), John Lynch (Arizona State University), W. J. Mander (Harris Manchester College, Oxford), Guiseppe Micheli (University of Padua, Italy), John Morrow (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ), Andrew Pyle (University of Bristol), Alan P. F. Sell (United Theological College, Aberystwyth), John Slater (University of Toronto), John Stephens (Waterfields bookshop, Oxford), M. A. Stewart (University of Lancaster), Michael Taylor (IMF), Robert H. Wozniak (Bryn Mawr College, PA)
Peter Alexander, Stuart Brown, A. C. Cheyne, James Crimmins, James Fieser, Knud Haakonssen, John Henry, Alan Holland, Anthony Grayling, David Knight, Mathieu Marion, Hiroshi Mizuta, Volker Peckhaus, Victor L. Nuovo, John Valdimir Price, Geoffrey Rowell, Tatsuya Sakamoto, William Sweet, Robert Todd, Paul Wood
Mathew Arnold, John Austin, Charles Babbage, Walter Bagehot, Annie Besant, George Boole, Bernard Bosanquet, Charles Bradlaugh, Elisabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Samuel Butler, Lewis Carroll, William Clifford, William Cobbett, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Disraeli, William Empson, James Ferrier, T. H. Greene, John Grote, Sir William Hamilton, Thomas Huxley, W. Stanley Jevons, Benjamin Jowett, Oliver Lodge, James McCosh, John McTaggart, James Mill, John Stuart Mill, G. E. Moore, David Ricardo, John Ruskin, Bertrand Russell, Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Arnold Toynbee, Sidney Webb, H. G. Wells, William Whewell, Alfred North Whitehead, Oscar Wilde
Publication Details:
May 2002  / July 2002 (USA)
ISBN 1 85506 955 5
2 volumes:   1320 pp:  Cloth : new material : 234x154mm
Price: £350.00 / $525.00

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