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Shiraz University


The initial nucleus of Shiraz University was formed in 1946 with the establishment of thejunior college of Health which aimed at training specialists in the Medical Sciences during a four year program. In 1949 this was transformed to aMedical College and shortly thereafter in 1953 the Namazi School of Nursing and in 1955 the Colleges of Agriculture and Arts and Sciences were established. Shiraz University which, prior to the Islamic Revolution, was calledPahlavi University was founded in 1954 with the addition of theCollege ofEngineering and College of Veterinary Medicine. Other units that were subsequently added were the Dental School in 1969, the Graduate School and the Junior College of Electronics in 1969, and the Colleges of Law and Education in 1977.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Revolutionary Council was founded in 1980 and extensive fundamental changes were implemented at universities at large. These changes were also reflected in the context of Shiraz University which presently consists of 9 colleges and a junior college.

Presently Shiraz University has over 12,600 students who study in 3 programs leading to the Associate diploma ( A.D.), 53 programs leading to the Bachelor's degree (B.A., B.S.), 61 programs leading to the Master's degree (M.A., M.S.), one professional Doctorate (D.V.M.) and 25 Ph.D. programs.

Shiraz University offers a multitude of Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral level programs at campus and school locations inShiraz, Darab and Kazeroon. 1311 Associate, 9566 Undergraduate, 1512 Graduate and 678 Doctoral programs educate 13082 students in this university.

Arts and Architecture: Architecture;Handicraft ;Urban Planning
Agriculture:Agricultural Economics;Agricultural Education and Extension ;
Animal Science;Crop Production and Plant Breeding;Farm Machinery;
Food Science and Technology ;Horticultural Science ;Irrigation Science;
Plant Protection;Soil Science
Education and Psychology: Clinical Psychology; Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction ;Educational Psychology; Elementary Education ;
Foundation of Education ;Physical Education ;Special Education
Electronic Technology: Control ;Electronics ;Language and Basic Sciences
Engineering:Engineering; Engineering; Computer ;Electrical and Electronics Engineering ;Engineering; Mechanical
Law:Criminal Law ;Public and International Law; Islamic and Private Law
Science: Biology ;Chemistry ;Geology;Mathematics;Physics;Statistics
Social Sciences and Humanities:Accounting and Management;Economics
Foreign Languages and Linguistics;History ;Islamic Education (Ma'arif);Library and Information Science;Persian Language and Literature ;Social Sciences
Veterinary Medicine:
;Basic Sciences ;Clinical Studies ;Food Hygiene and Public Health ;
Junior Agricultural School of Darab:
Basic Sciences ;Irrigation ;Plant Production ;
Range and Natural Resources
Junior Teachers Training College of Kazeroon:Persian Literature

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