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Shahid Beheshti University


Shahid Beheshti University, established in 1960, combines the tradition of a classical university with the dynamic character of a modern and interdisciplinary scientific enterprise. Starting around 1990, the university has placed more emphasis on PhD and research programs, while still aiming to improve its well established undergraduate programs.
SBU is located on the scenic slopes of the Alborz Mountain in the north of Tehran.


Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) was founded in 1960, with only 174 students in two schools:
School of Architecture and Urban Planning andSchool of  Banking and Economics.
The first Master's course at SBU was offered in the School of Architecture in 1961, while the first PhD course was offered in the School of Economics in 1991.Today there are about 70 courses at Master's and over 30 courses at PhD level. In 1962, SBU's main campus was built in Evin, a serene suburb in the north of Tehran. Development of new facilities in the main campus paved the way for increased academic activities, so that by 1978 several other schools and faculties became active at SBU: Schools of Medicine, Literature and Foreign Languages, Sciences, Dentistry, Law, Earth Sciences, Statistics and Informatics, Psychology and Pedagogy.
Tuition fees were the main source of funding for SBU in the first seven years of its establishment, however starting in 1968 it was being partially funded by the government. Nevertheless, SBU was primarily a private university until 1979, a year after the Islamic Revolution. Since then it has become a state funded university. The university was called The National University of Iran until 1983. It was subsequently renamed as Shahid Beheshti University. The schools of medical sciences were part of the University until 1986 when the Ministry of Health, Medicine and Medical Education was established and took over the responsibility of running the schools.

Business Adminstration
Earth Sciences
Economics & Political Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Education & Psychology
Literature & Human Sciences
Architecture & Urban Planning
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Central Library & Documents Center :
The central library and the individual faculty libraries provide services with a stock of over 400000 volumes as well as other sources of information.
1. The Loans Section holds over 230000 books - some 90000 in Persian and 140000 in other languages.
2. The Reference Section also holds over 24000 volumes
in different languages: some 8000 in Persian, 1000
volumes in Arabic, and 15000 in other languages.
The number of books in both sections amounts to over
250000 volumes.
3. The Documents Center also holds 4500 documents and 4300 theses.
4. Each day about 20 Persian newspapers, 220 Persian periodicals and 186 English, German, and French periodicals are offered for reading at the Periodicals Section.
5. The faculty libraries also hold about 150000 volumes of which some 90000 are in Persian and about 60000 are in other languages.
6. Computer services at library are provided with a server and 14 stations. Access to Rosenet network is also possible at faculty libraries.
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