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  • 10/25/2003

Yemen to adopt new method of fighting poverty


The Yemeni Social Welfare Fund is in the process of adopting a new method of ameliorating the conditions of poverty among its citizens, and that is by giving training that would make them productive, according to Arafat Saleh, Director of the Funds’ Studies Section, who is in charge of the anti-poverty project.

He said that in the first phase of the project nearly 1,000 would be trained at the capital’s municipality, adding that the aim is to increase the figure to 10,000 in future. He said the aim is to wean those who are receiving stipends from the social insurance, who at present number around 451,756, and make them productive members of society, but added that the training would be confined to able-bodies persons, and not the disabled and the aged.

Saleh said 65 percent of the training would be for improving the skills of women, adding that the skills taught would include first-aid, rug making, tailoring, and other handicrafts.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/index.html

Russia: Islamic University to publish newsletter


The Islamic University of Russia, inKazan,Russia, is considering the publication of its own newsletter, under the title “Islamic Education,” which will focus on matters relating to religious education, and the activities of the Islamic educational bodies. There will be a number of other sections in the publication, such as a section of new technology, and the like. Even some of the student dissertations might have a slot of their own, apart from articles by the academic staff.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/index.html

African leaders: Quit linking Islam with terrorism

THE leaders of Gambia and Sierra Leone have joined in the call that efforts must be made to put a stop to the association of Islam with terrorism.  “People have tried to say that terrorism is synonymous with being a Muslim. In this manner, they have refused to face the necessity of addressing some of the burning political issues of the day,” Gambian president Dr Yahya A. J.J. Jammeh said at the 10th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference.

Dr Yahya said OIC members should work towards the OIC Security Council that would be involved in dispute settlement and conflict resolution among OIC states.

“This would allow us to be more involved in the resolution of conflicts and disputes within the OIC,” he added.

Sierra Leone president Dr Ahmad Tejan Kabbah said that while steps should be taken to counter Islam’s association with terrorism, it must be done carefully to ensure that it did not breed religious intolerance or strengthen fanatic elements.

Taken From: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2003/10/18/nation/6522240&sec=nation

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