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John Dewey


John Deweywas an American psychologist, philosopher, educator, social critic and political activist. He was born in Burlington, Vermont, onOctober 20, 1852. Dewey graduated from the University of Vermont in 1879, and received his Ph.D. fromJohns Hopkins University in 1884. He started his career at theUniversity of Mishigan, teaching from 1884-1888 and 1889-1894, with a one year visit to the University of Minnesota in 1888. In 1894 he became the chairman of the department of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy at the University of Chicago. In 1899, John Dewey was elected president of the American Psychological Association, and in 1905 he became president of the American Philosophical Association. Dewey taught at Columbia University from 1904 until he retired in 1930, and was professor emeritus until 1939. During his years at Columbia he traveled the world as a philosopher, social and political theorist, and educational consultant. Among his major journeys are his lectures in Japan and China from 1919 to 1921 and a tour of schools in the USSR in 1928. Dewey never ignored American social issues; he was outspoken on education, domestic, and international politics, and numerous social movements. Among the many concerns that attracted Dewey's support were women's suffrage, progressive education, educator's rights, the Humanistic movement, and world peace. Dewey died in New York City on1 June 1952.

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