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  • 10/11/2003

As Allah would divide

Nasreddin Hodja was often called upon to settle disputes. One day, three men quarreled over the division of a bag of walnuts, and came to ask Hodja to make the division. "Divide with absolute justice," one of them said. "Justice is not enough," said the second. And the third said, agreeing, "Yes--divide as Allah would divide!" And they all chorused: "Yes, yes, as Allah would divide!"

So Hodja shrugged. He dug his hand into the bag, tossed a single walnut into the first man's lap, pouring a handful into the second man's hands, and then gave all the remainder--almost the whole bag--to the third man. They were appalled, and protested. "This isn't what we wanted? Where is our equal division?"

"Fools!" said Hodja. "Since when did Allah divide anything equally among men? As He would have divided, so have I done."

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