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Guilan University


Guilan University, a relatively big university with more than 8,000 students is located in Rasht. The degree obtained from this university is internationally accredited. The university accepts international students on scholarship for undergraduate and graduate studies. Applicants are required to submit their educational documents with proper letters of recommendation.

The university's central office, Faculties of Engineering, Agriculture, Humanities, Physical Education, dormitories, students' self-services, sports and recreational facilities, football fields, amphitheater, and computer center are in the university compound which is 13 kms away from the city center. But the Faculty of Science and the main library are in the city. The Faculty of Natural Resources is located in Somesara city and the Faculty of Fishery is in Anzali.


Faculty of  Humanities
Faculty of  Physical education
Faculty of  Basic science
Faculty of   Engineering
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Faculty of  Natural Resources
Faculty of  Fishery and Aquatic Animals
Faculty of  Fine Arts and Architecture
Faculty of  Persian Language and Literature and Foreign Languages

Central Library


Book Materials:

Persian: 47939 Vols.

Latin: 30157 Vols.

Manuscripts: 104 Vols.


Persian 120 (Current) Titles 724 (Holding).

Arabic: 2 Titles.

Latin 105 (Current) Titles.514 (Holding)

Microfilm: 6.
Microfiche: 1873

Compact Disks: 56.


Master Degree. 224

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