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 What You Should Know and Do About It

by Robert Brewer, Bobby Brewer, Elmer L. Towns

Paperback (November, 2001)

Book Description
Are you equipped to minister to the emerging postmodern culture? This book is a handy primer on understanding the implications of postmodernism from an evangelistic perspective.

Postmodernism has changed everything. The question is how should you and your church change in order to better minister to the postmodern culture? After understanding the implications of postmodernism, I wanted to know what to do about it--fast. Although there are a number of great books on explaining postmodernism, searching for ministry resources geared towards ministering to the postmodern was similar to searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Postmodernism: What You Should Know and Do About It is a book that provides a crash course for understanding the worldview of most 21st Century Americans and yet it's more than just another book on philosophy. It's also an action plan to help Christians and church leaders reach their friends, family, co-workers, and community with the transforming message of Jesus Christ.

About the Author
Dr. Bobby Brewer (D. Min., Phoenix Seminary; M. Div., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary) is Pastor of Community Outreach & Church Growth at Scottsdale Bible Church, Scottsdale, Arizona.--This text refers to the
Paperback edition.

2-The End of the World As We Know It:
 Clear Direction for Bold and Innovative Ministry in a Postmodern Worl

by Chuck, Jr. Smith

Hardcover (16 January, 2001)

Book Description
The world is dramatically changing. How will the church respond?

An uneasy feeling has crept into the hearts of many Christians: a sense of being powerless in the face of rapid change, a sense of disconnectedness from contemporary culture, and a sense of living in a world of increasing chaos. Even children from Christian homes seem to live according to different mental maps from their parents, justice appears to be irrelevant in court decisions, truths that were once considered absolute have dissolved, and moral standards have become as stable as quicksand.
What is happening to Western civilization? We are experiencing a culture quake as one major era is being replaced by another.
This evolving social and cultural landscape is creating new demands on faith and the church. The End of the World As We Know It provides practical strategies for seizing these new and hopeful opportunities for ministry.
In this hard-hitting, revealing book, author and pastor Chuck Smith, jr....
" explains this cultural shift in clear, compelling ways
" explores the world of postmodernism
" demonstrates why old religious structures and systems lack meaning for postmodernists
" maps out new strategies for church ministry and personal faith and witness
The End of the World As We Know It will open your eyes to whats going on around you...and prepare you to become a vital member of a new Christian movement thats destined to change the world.

About the Author
Chuck Smith, jr., started Capo Beach Calvary Chapel inCapistrano Beach, California, and has served as its Senior Pastor for twenty-five years. His father founded Calvary Chapel, a Southern California church that developed innovative ministries in the 1970s to reach young people in the counterculture. Today, Chuck is doing the same thing for young people in the postmodern age.

3-The Death of Truth:
 What's wrong With Multiculturalism, the Rejection of Reason and the New Postmodern Diversity

by Dennis McCallum (editor)

Paperback (January, 1996)

Book Description
Whatever Happened to Truth?

America is in the midst of a revolution in thinking that impacts every conceivable aspect of life.Postmodernism, the guiding spirit of our times, teaches that things like reason and rationality are cultural biases, and that truth especially God's truth doesn't exist. A society that forsakes truth believes that

All lifestyles, religions, and worldviews are equally valid

The only real sin is criticizing someone else's views or moral choices

Opinions matter as much as evidence

Reality is in the mind of the beholder.

Not since Charles Darwin confronted Christians with his doctrine of naturalistic evolution has the church faced a challenge for which it is so ill-prepared. We are witnessing The Death of Truth.

Postmodernism: This key word captures the mindset of the 90s. What is it? How does it affect health care, education, science, law, history, psychotherapy, and religion? This book is atour de force, tackling a vast array of implications not just for the way we think but the way we live. You'll be wiser for reading it if you read it carefully, a lot wiser.

Dr. James W. Sire

Author ofThe Universe Next Door andWhy Should Anyone Believe Anything at All?

Political correctness, permissiveness, extremes in tolerance, overemphasis on ethnicity, fabricated history, the denigration of knowledge these are symptoms of postmodernism. McCallum's e

The contributors to this book examine the implications of postmodernism, the guiding spirit of our times, an outlook that sees reason and rationality as mere cultural biases, and concludes that truth, as historically understood, does not exist.

About the Author

DuringDennis McCallum's first year in college he began taking his friends to home Bible studies he and friends had formed. As the group developed they also began a publishing enterprise. When their group grew to include several high school and adult home groups in the central
Ohio area, Dennis realized his need to get more training He completed his seminary training at Ashland Theological Seminary and returned to continue developing the group in Columbus,Ohio.

Dennis and his colleagues formed a new ministry group in 1994 called "The Crossroads Project," to teach apologetics to the church at large. Their book,The Death of Truth (Bethany House) addresses the subject of postmodernism, which they call the guiding spirit of our times. They show that American society has forsaken truth, that reason and rationality are viewed as cultural biases, and that truth especially God's truth doesn't exist. Dennis McCallum, with others from Xenos also presents a Postmodern Challenge Conference at universities throughout the country

Dennis, his wife and children are all involved in activities and ministries in Xenos. They make their home inOhio.

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