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Çankaya University


 The history of the University is quite recent. On9 July 1997, Sıtkı Alp Education Foundation was ratified through the Turkish National Assembly decree number 4282 which was published in the Official News Paper number 23050, dated15 July 1997. The official establishment ofÇankaya University was finalized through the Higher Education Council decision number 16641, dated27 August 1997, and the university commenced its functions in the autumn of the same year.

This academic institution will also provide its students with a solidly founded future where employment opportunities at large will be open to them.


Art and Sciences
Economics and Administrative Sciences
Engineering and Architecture         

Çankaya Vocational Training School      

Computer-Aided Accounting
International Trade Management


Institute of Science and Engineering
Institute of Social Sciences


Çankaya University
Öğretmenler Caddesi No: 14 06530 100. Balgat - Ankara /Turkey
Tel: +90 312 285 45 00 (pbx)
Fax:+90 312 285 96 31

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