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Poetry, Language, Thought

by Martin Heidegger

 Paperback (06 November, 2001)

Book Description

:Essential reading for students and anyone interested in the great philosophers, this book opened up appreciation of Martin Heidegger beyond the confines of philosophy to the reaches of poetry. In Heidegger's thinking, poetry is not a mere amusement or form of culture but a force that opens up the realm of truth and brings man to the measure of his being and his world.

2-Basic Writings:

 Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
by Martin Heidegger

 Paperback (February, 1993)

Book Description:

Heidegger's most popular collection of essential writings, now revised and expanded -- includes the 10 key essays plus the introduction to Being and Time. paco


This revised and expanded edition of Martin Heidegger's BASIC WRITINGS includes ten key essays plus the Introduction to BEING AND TIME. An essential collection, BASIC WRITINGS provides a concise introduction to the thought of this controversial and important 20th-century philosopher.3-Introduction to Metaphysics
by Martin Heidegger, Gregory Fried, Richard Polt

 Paperback (August, 2000)

Customer Reviews

The Easiest to Read & Most Interesting Heidegger Book
What a great book. I may of read about4 to 5 Martin Heidegger books & this book flowed because it was easy to read. Well, the first part of the book was easy, got a little lost in the "Being As Thinking" section. His philosophy, minus the so-called...certain influence, helped me give up my Platonic ways of thinking. Martin Heidegger starts off trying to ask the most basic axiom "Why are there BEINGs at all instead of Nothing" goes through a brief history of the main words, tears the words & main question apart, & puts the words & question back together again. Then he explains how BEING turns into BECOMING (how things change), APPEARANCE (how things influence our senses), THINKING (How & what we think about our experience), & the OUGHT (The way things "Should" or "Could" BE). Basic conclusion: Western Philosophy started out correct with the pre-Platonic philosophers asking what BEING was & then after Plato the debate became about mind over matter while losing the original meaning & questions about BEING (Reality). A Must Read!

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