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Robert College was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, by Dr. Cyrus Hamlin, an educator, inventor, technician, architect and builder, and Mr. Christopher Rheinlander Robert, a well-known philanthropist and a wealthy merchant from New York.

Robert agreed to carry the greatest part of the financial burden while Hamlin was to raise funds in theUnited States and take over the responsibility of founding the college. A curriculum was drawn up, and Hamlin insisted that English should be the language of instruction. According to the stipulations made by the newly established Board of Trustees, the College was to open its doors to students of all races, nationalities and religions without prejudice or discrimination. In addition, at Robert's request, the College was under no circumstances to become politicallyinvolvedor show any political inclinations.
RobertCollege was named after is benefactor, Christopher Rheinlander Robert, and was granted a charter with thepower to confer a Bachelor ofArts Degree on its graduates. On September 16, 1863, it opened its doors to students with Dr.Cyrus Hamlin as its first President:

Sept.16, 1863:RobertCollege opens with 4 students atBebek Seminary School. Hamlin becomes the first President of Robert College
Dec. 20, 1868: The Imperial 'rade' a permit to build on the Rumeli Hisar site is received.
July 5, 1869: The cornerstone is laid for the first academic building on the Bebek Campus.
May 17, 1871: Completion of Hamlin Hall, named in honour of Cyrus Hamlin.
1877: George Washburn takes on the responsibilities of President.
1878: Christopher Rhinelander Robert dies in Paris at the age of 76.
1888: Founders' Day is established at Robert College
1891: Completion of Kennedy Lodge, a residence for Robert College's President, on the Bebek campus with funds donated by John S. Kennedy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
1897: Inauguration of first public 'Field Day' for Athletics at Robert College
1900: C.Hamlin dies in Lexington, Massachusetts at the age of 89.
1902: Completion of Theodorus Hall, the Robert College Prep building. It was erected with funds donated by Olivia Eggleston Phelps Stokes
1903: G.Washburn leaves Robert College Dr. Caleb Gates becomes President of the school.
1904: Completion of Robert College's Dodge Gymnasium erected with funds donated by William E. Dodge and his son Cleveland Dodge.
1906: Completion of Robert College's Washburn Hall, designed by Alfred Dwight Foster Hamlin, son of C. Hamlin.
1907: Basketball is introduced in Turkey on the Robert College campus.
1908: The first 'Charter Day' is celebrated at ACG in honour of the granting of the second Charter.
1908-1909: First Student Council is formed at Robert College
1912: Completion of the Robert College Engineering building, subsequently named Gates Hall after Caleb Frank Gates.
1913: Completion of Anderson Hall, a dormitory/classroom building designed by Alfred Dwight Foster Hamlin.
1914: Completion of Henrietta Washburn Hall-the Social Hall (and auditorium).Named for daughter of C. Hamlin. -Completion of John Sloane infirmary, gift of trustee William Sloane in memory of his father former Robert College trustee.
1922: President C. Gates and Huseyin Pekta attend the Lausanne Conference.
1932:Dr.  C. Gates resigns from the Presidency of Robert College Dr. Paul Monroe becomes the first joint President of Robert College and ACG. Queen Marie of Roumania and her daughter are guests at ACG.
The Robert College Library is completed on the Bebek campus and named Van Millingen Library in honour of Alexander Van Millingen.
1935: Dr. Walter Livingston Wright succeeds Dr. Monroe as President of the colleges. -Hüseyin Pekta becomes the first Turkish Vice-President of the colleges.
1944: Dr. Floyd Black succeeds Dr. Wright as President of the College.
1955: Dr. Duncan Ballantine succeeds Dr. Black as President of the Colleges.
1957:Robert College is granted permission to become an institution of higher learning; the 'Yuksek' is established.
Nov. 28, 1960: General Cemal Gursel future President of the Republic of Turkey, visits the 2 colleges.
Nov. 1962: Prof. Arnold Toynbee visits ACG.
May 1963: Centennial celebration of Robert College
May 18, 1963: Dedication of Perkins Hall, the new engineering building, named in memory of George Walbridge Perkins, a former president of the Board of Trustees.
1965: Dr. Dwight Simpson becomes President.
1968: Dr. John. S. Everton becomes President.
May 18, 1971: The 'Yuksek' is officially ended.
Sept. 1971: The merger of ACG and RA as a co-educational lies on the Arnavutkoy campus is officially confirmed.
1971:Robert College becomes'Bogazici University'.


A.The Faculty of Arts and Sciences
B. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
C.the Faculty of Education
D.The Faculty of Engineering
E. The School of Foreign Languages
F.The School of Applied Disciplines


A.The Ataturk Institute For Modern Turkish History
B.The Institute of Bio-Medical Engineering
C.The Institute of Environmental Sciences
D.The Institute of Science and Engineering
E. TheInstitute of Social Sciences
F.The Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute


Bogazici University
34342 Bebek/Istanbul Türkiye
Phones : +90 212 358 15 00
    +90 212 358 15 40
Fax: +90 212 265 63 57


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