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  • 8/20/2003

Mozambique: Islamic broadcasting station soon


The first Islamic broadcasting station will start to air its programs here very soon. The station is sponsored by Libya-based World Islamic Propagation Organization (WIPO). Mozambican Muslims have suffered the ravages of the civil war that has engulfed that country, and have also suffered the aftermath of floods. Some schools and medical clinics have been put up by the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB), but more needs to be done in this respect. The Muslim leaders in the country have appealed to their brethren in the Muslim world and elsewhere to come to their aid, and help them, particularly by granting scholarships to their children to pursue higherstudies.

Taken From:http://www.islamfaq.com/

WAMY concludes course for Qur’an teachers


The Third Training Course for Qur’an Teachers has been concluded here. The course was organized by theYemen office of the Riyadh-based World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), and the 56 course participants were drawn from all the provinces of Yemen. A number of Muslim scholars delivered lectures to the participants. During the course, Dr. Abdul Wahhab Noorwali, assistant secretary-general of WAMY (Makkah Regional Branch), visited the class, and lauded the manner and methodology used for qualifying the Qur’an teachers.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/en_daily.html

Symposium advises Muslims on what to do and what not to

Kuala Lumpur,

A symposium of Muslim scholars that was recently held here came out with a number of missives for the Muslim Ummah, among them the putting to an end the exchange of accusations between the various Muslim sects, and the refraining of exploiting religion for political or personal purposes.

The scholars also advised Muslims to strike a balance between acquiring spiritual knowledge and modern sciences, saying that the greatest challenge for Muslims at the moment is the acquisition of knowledge in technology. They also advised that Muslims should form their own economic bloc, and involve women in this sector as well as others.

The scholars also recommended that Muslims should try to apply democracy, at the same time to fight the terrorism menace, saying that becoming religious does not necessarily mean that one should become an extremist. They also recommended that the Muslim woman should be involved in several other sectors of human endeavor.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/en_daily.html

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