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  • 8/16/2003

U.S. Soldiers Discover Islam in Iraq


Discovering an Islam that is totally different from the one smeared in their media, a number of American servicemen and women were said to have embraced Islam and married Iraqis.

"After daily interactions with Iraqi citizens and a first-hand experience in dealing with Muslims in the war-ravaged country, many U.S. soldiers willingly accepted Islam, " Sheikh Mahmoud el-Samydaei, member of Iraq’s Muslim Scholars Society, told IslamONline.net Wednesday, August 13.

"The soldiers came to realize that the teachings of Islam are absolutely different from fabricated information propagated by the western media," he added.

The Iraqi scholar recalled crying Christian-turned-Muslim American army officer who lamented that his folks died without knowing anything about Islam.

Taken From: http://palestinechronicle.com/article.php?story=20030813193924549

The mufti of Karelia supports the dialogue between civilizations

The chairman of the Clerical Department of the Muslims of Karelia mufti Visam Ali Bardvil following the invitation of the representatives of law enforcement organizations of the republic took part in the round table on “Clash of civilizations”, the press service of the Clerical Department of the Muslims of Karelia reported to Islam.ru. The mufti voiced the Islamic point of view regarding the theory ofHuntington on the allegedly inevitable collision of civilizations.
Visam Ali Bardvil in his speech emphasized that the main task for today is to realize the absence of the collision of civilization. According to the mufti, the Muslims support the dialogue between civilizations, as opposed to the followers ofHuntington’s theory, who think that wars, conflicts and opposition between different peoples are the solution to problem.
Taken From: http://eng.islam.ru/press/rus/2003-08-13/?single=1060

Lebanon: New mosque inaugurated


The Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Rashid Qabbani, has inaugurated a new mosque here. It is known as the Rifai Mosque, and its construction was funded by Ms Fawziya Al-Rifai, a Kuwaiti lady philanthropist. The ceremony was attended by a number of prominent Muslims, including some from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries, and the lady who donated the mosque and her husband, Sheikh Nasser Abdulmuhsin. In his speech, the Mufti emphasized the need for building such houses of worship, and said that the reward for such acts is very great.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/en_daily.html

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