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Teacher embraces Islam

A ceremony was held at the Pg Mohd Yusof Seria Primary School yesterday afternoon to celebrate the Islamic conversion of one of the teachers there, Sarawah Majang, 49, who is now known by her Muslim name Dyg Nur Salwah binte Hj Md Aliuddin.

Also present were her husband, children and father and mother-in-law who had converted to the Islamic religion at their residence in Tutong on August 1 this year.

Her husband Kimtek Yamboh, 54, is now known as Muhammad Hakimin while the five children are Razyah, 20, (Nur Zyah Insyirah), Razley, 18, (Muhammad Razley), Raznah, 17, (Nur Raznah Hasyeerah), Razdey, 16, (Muhammad Ruzdey Zarziq), Razmah, 6, (Nur Razmah Amirah). They are a Chinese Dusun family. Dyg Nur Salwah's parents-in-law, Chia Chee Boon, 77, (Muhammad Nashir) and Nayah binte Kitan, 70, (Siti Rahmah binte Abdullah Kilan) also joined in the ceremony yesterday which was also attended by school teachers, dzikir group and immediate relatives.

The ceremony started with berdzikir and menepung tawar and bunga rampai ceremonies and ended with the presentation of a souvenir by the Chief Guest Awg Hj Adanan bin Hj Md Jaya.

Taken From:http://www.brunei-online.com/bb/thu/aug7h8.htm

Islam and its policy of tolerance

Gulf News,

The Holy Quran clearly and strongly states that "there is to be no compulsion in religion" (2:256), and that God has created not one but many nations and peoples. Many passages underscore the diversity of humankind. The Holy Quran teaches that God deliberately created a world of diversity (49:13): "O humankind, we have created you male and female and made you nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another."

Muslims, like Christians and Jews before them, believe that they have been called to a special covenant relationship with God, constituting a community of believers intended to serve as an example to other nations (2:143) in establishing a just social order (3:110).

…Historically, while the early expansion and conquests spread Islamic rule, Muslims did not try to impose their religion on others or force them to convert.

…The Holy Quran and Islam recognize that followers of the three great Abrahamic religions, the children of Abraham, share a common belief in the one God, in biblical prophets such as Moses and Jesus, in human accountability, and in a Final Judgment followed by eternal reward or punishment.

Taken From:http://www.gulf-news.com/Articles/Opinion.asp?ArticleID=94624

Australia: Mufti says Muslims estimated at 700,000


The Mufti of Australia’s Muslims, Sheikh Tajuddin Al-Hilaly, has said that initial estimates of the country’s population census indicate that the Muslim population is estimated at 700,000, comprising 27 ethnic groups, with the largest number belonging to the Lebanese ethnic group, followed by the Turks. Muslims in Australia are concentrated in such cities as Sydney and Melbourne, and they practice their faith in around 340 mosques and Islamic Centers.

In an interview with ALSHARQ ALAWSAT newspaper, the Mufti said that the Muslim community in Australia has now overcome the aftermath of the 9/11 events in the US, after holding a meeting at the Governor-General’s office, during which the Prime Minister called for the signing of an historic document. The document was signed by the spiritual leaders of all the religious denominations in the country, said the Mufti, adding that it is known as the “Unity in Adversity Convention.”

Turning to the phenomenon of terrorism, the Mufti said “we are facing a sick and dangerous phenomenon” that leads to the destruction and distortion of the image of Islam and its tolerant nature. He said those who are behind this destructive phenomenon are the cause of all the disasters and vicissitudes that have beset the Muslim Ummah. He said such people have the wrong concept and interpretation of Islam and the slogans they are projecting are contrary to what Islam calls for, adding that their knowledge of Islam is very shallow.

Taken From:http://www.islamicnews.org/english/en_daily.html

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