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  • 7/28/2003

Dr Akbar S Ahmed lone Muslim voice in favour of Daniel Pipes nomination

WASHINGTON: The Senate put off a vote on Daniel Pipes’s nomination to the governing board of the federally-funded US Institute of Peace last week but not before several senators had pronounced him unfit to hold the position because of his often fiercely anti-Islamic views and the fact that almost the entire Muslim community is up in arms against his nomination by the Bush administration.

The only Muslim academic who has spoken in favor of Daniel Pipes is Dr Akbar S Ahmed, who holds a chair in Islamic studies at the American University, Washington.

Dr Ahmed’s endorsement has brought criticism from a number of community activists since he is the lone Muslim voice supporting a person who has said and written some extremely poisonous things about Islam and Muslims.

Taken From: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_26-7-2003_pg7_51

 Why did Maulana Visit India?

The eventful and somewhat dramatic visit of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of Pakistan's Jamiat Ulema-i-Islami [JUI or Islamic Party of Religious Leaders] to India was a well-harmonised Track-II diplomacy, that is, non-governmental diplomacy.

"Between India and Pakistan, a huge amount of Track-II diplomacy is going on and one should expect such events. It fits into the pattern of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's initiatives [vis-à-vis Pakistan]," said an intelligence officer dealing with Pakistan…

Taken From: http://www.rediff.com/news/2003/jul/25spec.htm

Britain: Birmingham Center active in spreading correct Islam


The Center for Islamic Studies here is doing everything possible to spread Shari’a knowledge and the correct Islamic Thought among Muslims, and is also involved in presenting theoretical as well as practical solutions to many of the important issues that concern the Muslims. It is also active in spreading the Message of Islam to the non-Muslims, and in this regard closely cooperates with other organizations that cherish similar aims. The Center publishes a newsletter, books, and other publications, and also organizes lectures and seminars, apart from other educational activities, and also counters any adverse propaganda against Islam and Muslims in the media. The Center also uses modern means of communication, such as the Internet in spreading the Message of Islam.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/en_daily.html

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