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  • 7/5/2003

Saudis Quietly Promote Strict Islam in Indonesia


In high school, Atep Arofiq was fascinated by Islamic studies, and with meager means for higher education, a free institution financed by Saudi Arabia in this bustling capital seemed like a natural choice. There was an added attraction: the best students could graduate to further study in Saudi Arabia, all expenses paid. Until recently,Indonesia has been famously relaxed about its religion. But slowly Indonesians are becoming more devout and in the battle for the soul of Islam here the Saudis are playing an important though stealthy role, Indonesian scholars say.

Taken From: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/07/05/international/asia/05INDO.html?ex=1058068800&en=682fe2abb6ac10f6&ei=5006&partner=ALTAVISTA1

Islamic world urged to build a strong bloc


Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad here Friday urged Islamic world to get united to build a strong bloc.

"There is no doubt that the Islamic world now needs, more than before, to join hands and to build a strong economic bloc, where our strength is, our education, our manpower, our economy and above all our unity," he said during his visit of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry . Karachi, the metropolis of the province of Sindh is proud to play host to this prestigious affiliated institution of the Organization of Islamic Conference, which has undertaken considerable efforts to give a voice to the private sector of Islamic Ummah and to provide them a common plat-form.

He lauded the efforts of Secretary General Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aqeel Al-Jassem, saying you have gone a long way in furthering the objectives of the Islamic Chamber. "I am happy to learn that the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is planning to hold an event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of ICCI in Karachi," he said.

Karachi has great potential for investment, he said, the law and order in the city has improved.

Taken From: http://www.paktribune.com/news/index.php?id=31003

France: Muslim Federation to build institute


The Muslim Federation of France, with the assistance of a number of Muslim intellectuals and researchers, has decided to set up a European Institute for Humanities, which would accept students of Islamic Studies, including the Holy Qur’an and the Arabic language, and would also be involved in producing imams and teachers for Islamic schools. The Federation itself was founded in 1990, and many researchers of Islam and students of higher studies have benefited from it. The Federation also organized seminars and short training courses, and also publishes the research papers done on Islam. The Federation maintains close relations and cooperation with some ofEurope’s universities and Islamic universities elsewhere.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org/english/en_daily.html

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