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Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI)

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PO Box 104 Hassan II Avenue, 53000 IFRANE, Morocco

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Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) is an institution of higher education and scientific and technical research.
It contributes to the historical and cultural vocation of the

Kingdom of Morocco

, an Arab-African nation occupying a privileged geostrategic position, belonging to Islamic civilization, and open to Europe, America and Asia.
AUI is thus designed as a Moroccan university, original in its organizational and educational approach, using modern methods to disseminate Arab-Islamic and African culture, universal knowledge, science and advanced technology.
Rooted in the noble Arab and Mediterranean humanist tradition, dynamically adapted to modern times, AUI aims to train graduates with high academic qualifications, in permanent quest of knowledge and culture, aware of their social obligations and imbued with the values of human solidarity and tolerance.

AUI contributes to the attainment of Morocco's educational, cultural and economic objectives and serves the international community, notably through:

" The advancement of science and technology;
" The training of graduates with strong academic and professional qualifications;
" The implementation of research programs in all areas of national or international interest, with particular emphasis on major national or regional socio-economic issues.
The experience acquired by AUI in these areas shall also be made available to the international community.

The vocation of Al Akhawayn University concerns:

"Higher education in all fields of knowledge;
"Mastery of advanced technologies and the promotion of scientific and technical research;
"Continuing education and the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge.
AUI prepares its students for the Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
AUI is modeled in its administrative, pedagogical and academic organization on the American university system. English is the language of instruction. Al Akhawayn University will, however, give special attention to the teaching of the Arabic language at all levels and in all branches of education. Other modern languages may also be used in specific educational curricula and seminars.

 Academic and Research:

School of Science and Engineering
School of Business Administration
School of Humanities and Social Science
Language Center
Center for Academic Developement and Study Skills
Research Centers


Situated in the heart of the Campus, AUI Library is a three-story building, whose collection consists of 40,000 books in addition to more than 400 subscriptions to local and international journals, magazines and newspapers. The library plans to increase its collection up to 100,000 by the year 2005. The library is expanding in the areas of: databases, multimedia equipments, cataloguing, staffing, print, and periodical collections.

Phone: (212) 55 86 20 00
Fax: (212) 55 56 71 50
Contact email: webmaster@alakhawayn.ma
Admissions: admissions@alakhawayn.ma

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