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A story of Moses, on consorting with the saints

GOD spake unto Moses reproachfully, saying, ‘O thou who hast seen the moon rise out of they bosom, whom I have illuminated with the Light Divine, I who am God fell sick; why camest thou not to visit Me?’

‘O Thou who are all-glorious and all-perfect,’ Moses cried, ‘what mystery is this? Explain it to me, O Lord.’

God spake again unto Moses, saying, ‘When I was sick, why didst thou not kindly enquire after Me?

Moses answered, ‘Lord, there is no imperfection in Thee: I have lost my reason: uncover these words to me.’

God said, ‘Verily a chosen all well-loved servant of Mine fell ill. I am he: mark it well: his exemption is my exemption, his sickness I My sickness.’

Whosoever would sit with God, let him sit in the company of the saints, If you are severed from the company of the saints you are in destruction, being a part without the whole.

FromTales from Masnavi

Translated by A.J. Arberry

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