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  • 7/9/2003

WAMY holds educational camp in Russia

Jeddah March 3 (IINA)

The world Assembly of Muslim Youth has recently wound up an educational youth camp for the secondary school students in Russia, which was attended by 50 participants.

Dr. Abdul Wahhab Noorwali the assistant Secretary General of WAMY and responsible for its branch of Makkah region said that the camp which was held in the town of Ulyanovsk on the" Volga river basin aimed to link the Muslim youth with their environment, develop their potentials and direct their efforts for the service of their societies.

He added that the youngsters have benefited from various programs and lectures which focused on education, the role of youths in building their nation, in addition to symposiums different social and sport activities which took place during this event. There were prizes, gifts, Islamic books, cassettes and flyers distributed to the participants on the conclusion of the camp.

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Azhar academics to hold conference on Iraq and Palestine

Cairo, March 3 (IINA)

With the coordination of the Islamic Universities Federation, the Azhar Academics Club, with a membership of 5,000 ofAzhar University and its branches teaching staff, will hold a conference on Wednesday. The purpose of the conference is to give support to the Palestinian and Iraqi people, in facing the threats surrounding them, and will express its stance in the light of the current situation, according to Dr. Ja’afar Abdul Salam, the Federation’s secretary-general.

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Learning from conventional mart mistakes

Dubai, February 24(Gulf News)

UAE Minister of State for Financial and Industrial Affairs Dr Mohammed Khalfan bin Kharbash stressed the need for the Islamic finance industry to learn from the mistakes of the conventional market. Only then will the Islamic finance industry be able to capitalise on the new investment climate.
Speaking at the International Islamic Finance Forum organized by IIR yesterday, the minister said that the dynamics of the global financial sector are creating a new opportunity for accelerated growth in Islamic finance.
He called on the Islamic finance industry for initiatives to encourage this. In an address to

400 industry experts, Dr Kharbash noted that global drives for greater transparency, enhanced shareholder protection and superior returns are helping position Islamic finance as a very viable investment solution.

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Function to be held to commemorate the Prophet’s Hijra

Abu Dhabi, March 3 (IINA)

The Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to hold a function on the first day of Muharram, to commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s Hijra (immigration) to Madina, 1400 years according to Dr. Muhammad Juma bin Salim, Undersecretary at the ministry, who is in charge of Islamic Affairs. He said it is expected that the function, which would be held at the Sheikh Khalifa Mosque, would be attended by a large number of Muslims scholars and preachers, who would deliver lectures on the various aspects of the Hijra, and the lessons to be learnt from it.

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Austrian government grants Muslims burial ground


March 4(Jafariyanews)

Muslims in Austria have been granted a piece of land for their cemetery by the government, reports said on Saturday. The land with a capacity of 2,800 graves is located within the capital city.

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