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  • 7/9/2003

Moscow will host a seminar on problems of Islam in Russia

March 14

On March 26thMoscow is to host a session on “Islam as the cultural and political factor of transformation in modern Russia”. It is the third session held by the research seminar “The Tatar question in Russia”, that acts since this January. The seminar was set up by a public organization “Vatanym” and the editors of the federal newspaper “Tatarskiy Mir” (“The Tatar World”) to stimulate studies of history, culture of the Tatars, to solve the modern problems ofRussia.
The session is to be attended by the president of a public organization “Vatanym”, member of the Academy of medical sciences, cardiologist Rinat Akchurin, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Tatarskiy Mir”, professor Vadim Churbanov PhD, heads of a number of humanitarian institutes of the Russian Academy of science, historians, philosophers, philologists, politologists, lawyers and other experts from various regions of the country. The session is to be devoted to the problems of Islam in Russia and in the world.

Taken From: http://eng.islam.ru

Seminar on ‘The Interface between Islamic and Western Philosophies’ in London

March 18

This Seminar has organized by Islamic College for Advanced Studies and Kings College London. It will be onMarch 23rd 2003and the Speakers are:
Professor Ahmad Ahmadi
University of Tehran
‘Morals in Kant and Islamic Philosophy’
Dr Peter Adamson
Kings College,London
‘Ancient Greek, Medieval Latin, European and Islamic Thought’

Taken From: http://www.ihrc.org/

Spain: Youths respect Islam and Muslims

Valencia, Spain, March 17

The president of the Islamic Center here, Dr. Abdul Raheem Al-Tawil, has said that Spanish youth deal with Islam and Muslims in a descent and respectable way, and appreciate the Islamic legacy that was left in their country. He also explained that the Islamic Center here plays a positive and effective role in portraying the correct image of Islam. He said this is achieved through holding seminars and lectures, particularly at universities and schools. He said the center also receives groups of students and others who wish to find out more about Islam, while Muslims here are handed Islamic books and booklets that teach them more about their faith.

Taken From: http://www.islamicnews.org

New Muslim Advocacy Organization Founded

Two major American Muslim advocacy organizations have announced they will dissolve to form a new group, the National American Muslim Federation.
The NAMF, which will emerge from both the American Muslim Council and the American Muslim Alliance, was agreed upon on March 1 in a "memorandum of understanding." The organization plans to begin work by the end of May.

The new organization will combine the functions of the AMA, which works in electoral politics from itsSan Francisco office, and the Washington-based AMC, which lobbies on various policy initiatives and works with the media on issues important to American Muslims.

Taken From: http://www.beliefnet.com

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