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  • 7/9/2003

Sham-e-Gharibaan marked in Iran

HolyCity of MASH’HAD, Iran: Special mourning gatherings were arranged Friday throughout Iran like other parts of the world on Sham-e-Gharibaan commemorating the great inflictions of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Multitudes of grieved mourners congregated in the shrine of Imam Ali bin Mousa Ar-Reza (AS) in the holy city of Mash’had and recited dirges and elegies in commemoration of Hazrat Zaynab Kubra (SA) who along with a number of chaste ladies and children of the holy family of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was taken to Kufa and then Syria as prisoner after Yazidi forces torched their tents following martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his 72 companions in the plain of Karbala. Keepers of the holy shrine besides mourners lit the candles and brought them to the shrine and performed azadari. Sham-e-Ghariban majalis were also held at Mosques and Hussainiyaat, Tombs of Imamzadgaan and the Tomb of Grand Ayatullah Khomeini in Tehran. Iran parliament speaker Mehdi Karroubi, ministers, deputies and Grand Ayatullah Khomeini’s grandson Sayyed Hassan Khomeini besides a number of mourners attended the majlis at Imam Khomeini’s tomb addressed by Ayatullah Tawassali.

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International Qur’an contest for military starts today in KSA

Riyadh, March 15 (IINA)

The Qur’an Contest for the Prince Sultan Award for Military Personnel in Islamic Countries is scheduled to begin here today. It is expected that contestants from 16 Islamic countries would participate in this competition, the purpose of which is to encourage military personnel to memorize the Holy Book. The contest itself is divided into a number of categories.

Taken Fromhttp: www.islamicnews.org

Mauritania: IIRO initiates eye treatment campaign

Nouakchott, March 15 (IINA)

The Jeddah-based International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) has organized here a campaign for the treatment eye diseases. The campaign was organized with the cooperation of the Nur Charity Organization, which is headed by Prince Abdul Aziz bin Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, and the International Basar Charity Society. According the IIRO secretary-general, Dr. Adnan Khalil Basha, such campaigns are held in Islamic countries from time to time, with the aim of treating eye diseases, including surgical treatment, and providing the essential medications in this respect, including eyeglasses when needed. This campaign, according to Dr. Basha, involved seven eye specialists, and nine of their technical assistants, who attended that a total of 4,000 patients were diagnosed during this campaign.

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