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Chanesht village

chanesht village

Chanesht village is located in South Khorasan province. Thanks to its natural, cultural, and historical attractions, Chanesht is known as one of the tourist targets in the province. It is 2150 meters above sea level, and 60 km south east of the city of Birjand. Due to being located among four rivers and also on the mountain, it has a great number of farms and gardens. Chanesht village enjoys a moderate fine weather during spring and summer, and is cold and dry in the two other seasons of the year. This village has an old history and has been renewed and rebuilt in various periods of time. According to the census carried out in the year 1385, the village had 1000 inhabitants; they speak Farsi in their local accent, and are Shiite Muslims.

Most of them have their jobs in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, and gardening. Some others work in making handicrafts. The most important agricultural products of the village are wheat, alfalfa, and saffron besides garden products such as walnut, and almond. Chanesht village has a dense residential texture; houses are mainly built in one floor, with flat roofs, and thick walls. Doors and windows of residential buildings are small in size, so that they don’t suffer low temperature during cold seasons. Older houses of the village are made of brick, adobe, clay, and stone, while in the construction of modern houses iron, and cement are also used.

Being located on the foot of a mountain, Chanesht village enjoys magnificent mountainous scenery. The village is surrounded by gardens of walnut trees and other types of fruit. This has brought about beautiful landscapes of mixed residential and natural attractions.

imamzadeh seyyed hamed alawi

From among other attractions of the village mention can be made of two caves namely Chanesht, and Chehel-Chah. Some bones from the earlier times have been found in these two caves besides other remnants of inhabitation such as earthenware, wood, cloth, spinning wheel, and chalk walls. Effective points in attracting tourists to the village are the existence of these caves, the intact and green nature in their vicinity, and also the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Seyyed Hamed Alawi. Souvenirs of the village can be saffron, barberry, walnut, almond, and also small hand-woven carpets.

In comparison with other villages in the province of South Khorasan, Chanesht village has gone less under cultural changes; hence its rural culture has remained untouched. Wearing local clothes is popular among its residents especially women. Traditional wedding ceremonies are held in different stages and with observing special customs. People’s musical intonation, in addition to the eye-catching nature, and South Khorasan’s rich background in music have made Chanesht village one of the sources of Khorasani style of traditional music.

chanesht cave

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