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Wahhabists and Asking for Blessing


1. One day Marwan [ibn al-Hakam] saw a man who had put his face on the Prophet’s grave. Marwan lifted him by his neck and said, “Do you know what you are doing?”‌ and realized the man was Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. Abu Ayyub said, “Yes. I have not come for the tomb; I have come to visit the Prophet of God. I heard him say: ‘do not cry for religion when worthy people are in charge, weep for it when unfit people rule over it.”‌ [1]

2. Whenever Ibn Monkader (later generation of Prophet’s companions, died in 130) became thirsty, he would rise and put his face on the Prophet’s grave, and would say in response to his companions’ protestations that, “The Prophet heals me.”‌ He sometimes would sleep on a certain spot in the mosque, and when others inquired as to the reason, he said, “I saw Prophet sleeping in this spot.”‌ [2]

3. In Wafa al-wafa, al-Samhudi quotes Aws ibn Abdullah as saying that, “The famine-stricken people of Medina complained to Aisha. Aisha said ‘Go to the tomb of the Prophet and make a window in it to the sky so that there is no roof on the grave.’ The orator says people did as she had said. Then it began to rain in a way that plants grow and camels fattened. [3]

4. Al-Samhudi says, “Abdullah ibn Umar used to rub his right hand, and Bilal his face, on the holy tomb of the Prophet. Then he quotes Abdullah ibn Ahmad bin Hanbal that this conduct sprang from affection and therefore bowing and respecting is allowed. [4]

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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