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How do Wahhabists promote their sect in Saudi Arabia?


Wahhabist seminaries and universities in Saudi Arabia choose prominent students from among religious students in Muslim countries, fund them to study in Saudi Arabia and after training them into Wahhabist missionaries, and return them to their own countries to promote the sect.

Wahhabists teach several languages to their clerics and send them to different countries, publish their views and attract poor Muslims who are not familiar with the pure Islamic teachings.

As it can be seen during Haj, Wahhabi clerics deliver sermons in Urdu and other languages in Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Grand Mosque) or Al-Masjid al-Nabawۆ« (Prophet's Mosque) between Maghrib prayer (prayer just after sunset) and Isha prayer when pilgrims amass in these mosques, and many Muslims from the subcontinent and other counties listen to their words. 

During Haj and month of pilgrimage, foreign seminary students which have been recruited by Wahhabist network in their own countries and study Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, talk to Muslims in these two mosques and promote Wahhabist thoughts.

Given the fact that these students are the countrymen of pilgrims and know their mother tongue, they have a great influence on the pilgrims of Kaaba.

Some extremist Salafists publish books and manuscripts of certain Shia clerics that are not accepted by the majority of Shias, distributing them among Muslims for free and accuse Shia of conceding to the existence of distortions in Qur’an and other lies such as believing in the betrayal of Gabriel and considering the position of Imam Ali to be higher than Prophet Muhammad.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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