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Following the coalition between Al Saud and Al Sheikh tribes in Saudi Arabia, facilitated by Britain, and after conquering all area of Arabia and the establishment of Saudi Arabia, religious affairs were bequeathed to descendants of Mohammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who are called Al Sheikh, and descendants of Saud ibn al-Aziz, called Al Saud, took over political affairs of the realm. Over the past century and after discovering vast reserves of oil and obtaining great wealth, Wahhabists began promoting their thoughts across the Muslim world.

After strengthening the foundations of their rule inside the wealthy Saudi Arabia and the formation of new governments in neighboring countries, Wahhabists, enjoying great oil revenues, changed their method to advance their objectives, temporarily abandoned their massacre, violence and pillaging, and attempted to spread their influence through cultural methods.

As it can be seen, remaining monuments and effects from the era of Prophet Muhammad in Saudi Arabia are decreasing every year. Some Wahhabist clerics support police and do not treat Muslims of other countries particularly Iranian Shias, accusing Shias of infidelity.

From the beginning of the formation of sect, the propaganda of some Wahhabists included sending invitation for the leaders of Arabian tribes and attacking them upon their refusals in order to force them into submission through war and bloodshed.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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