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British Support for Extreme Salafism


Some extremist Salafi currents were created by the British colonialism under different names. In his memoirs, British spy Mr. Hempher describes the way of recruiting and misleading some Muslims for this purpose. Because of their ambition, moral weakness and extremist thoughts, Britain found them suitable for creating a extremist cults and accompanied them step by step until the situation presented itself and then forced them to introduce the new sect.

Unfortunately, some of the new Salafi activists claim to follow Abd al-Wahhab. When Abd al-Wahhab resided in Diriyah, the ignorant people of the city were neglectful of their prayers and paying Zukat. Abd al-Wahhab taught them his interpretations of Islam and brought them under his influence. Then he wrote letters to the chiefs and judges of Najd, demanding their obedience. Some obeyed him and others opposed him, ridiculing the Sheikh and accused him of ignorance and lack of knowledge, a group called him sorcerer. Abd al-Wahhab ordered the people of Diriyah to fight, and they repeatedly attacked Najd in order to bring them under Sheikh’s rule and thus Al Saud conquered Najd and tribes residing in the area.

From the beginning, the approaches of this group were based on violence, killing and excommunicating Muslims. After conquering Saudi Arabia through war and bloodshed, and by referring to a book by Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsa'i, titled Sharh al-Ziyara al-Jami'a al-Kabira, in which he elevated the position of Imams, Wahhabists received the fatwa for massacring Shias from some of Sunni clerics. They attacked Shia’s holy places (Atabat Aliaat) in Iraq, pillaged the shrines and massacred people and many Shia clerics who were opposed to the sect.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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