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n dir="ltr" xstyle="font-family: tahoma"> Allame Tabataba'ee University

Phone: 8901521-5
Fax: 8902536
TLX: 215372 UAT
P.O.Box: 15815-3487 - Tehran/Iran

Introducing the University

The University provides a vast range of opportunities for the students to study through special programs for the A.A., B.A., M.A. and PhD degrees.
The University's responsibilities are complex and decentralized and include departments, laboratories, libraries, and other training centers which provide the main facilities for study and research .Besides providing specialized facilities and opportunities, the university seeks to contribute to the wider culture of our Islamic society.
Lectures open to the general public are arranged in the University several times during term time. Some are given by distinguished visitors, others by the faculty members of the university. They present a range of topics that enable all students to widen their interests far beyond the limits of any formal curriculum.
Apart from the internal features described above, which make it a dynamic institution of the highest quality, the university aims to provide educational opportunities to a great number of students in about 36 fields of study leading to Baccalaureate, Masters and PhD degrees.


Allame Tabataba'ee University was established as an institution of quality education in the large Capital City of Tehran, with the aim of providing a vast range of educational opportunities for those who would like to study for the programs leading to A.A., B.A., M.A. and PhD degrees. After the Islamic Revolution the following public and private higher education institutes were combined into two main educational complexes named as Arts and Humanities Complex and Management and Commerce Complex.

The Constituent Institutions of the Arts and Humanities Complex:

Free University of Iran, the College of Translation’ Shemiran College, Damavand College, Institute for Cultural Research, School of Political and Social Sciences, College of Mass Communication, the College of Literature and Foreign Languages, Pars College, Tehran School of Social Work and Abou Reihan University.

The Constituent Institutions of Management and Commerce Complex:

Iran Zamin College of Business and Library science, Tehran College of Insurance, Tehran business college, college of information and tourism, Iran center for Management Studies, Institute of Banking Sciences, International Management School, State Management Training Center, Oil Organization and Accounting Sciences, and Higher Ed. School for Flight Services.
Later in 1984, Allame Tabataba'ee University was formed when the above mentioned complexes merged, and was accredited that same year. The University was named Allameh Tabataba'ee - one of the greatest theologians, jurisprudents, and philosophers of our time.
When the university was founded it had a total student population of about 12,000 Comprising some undergraduate and graduate students studying at different levels A.A., B.A. and M.A. It also enjoyed a total number of 483 teaching staff. During the academic year 1987-88 and after the approval of the council for Cultural Revolution our Distance Education Center continued its activities under the newly establishedUniversity ofPayame Nour.
Apart from the educational features which make this university a highly qualified center among the Iranian Institutions in the field of humanities, it is a place where the youth may learn to serve with compassion the needs of their Islamic Society.
Allame Tabataba'ee University presently, has an enrollment of about 14944 students studying at graduate and under graduate levels in our affiliated faculties and institutes.

Educational Goals

Allame Tabataba'ee University (ATU) aims to provide educational opportunities to the maximum sustainable extent, through high quality teaching and research. It is a national institution with international perspectives, but it gives particular attention to the social well-being of its local and regional environment.
The following goals were established as the basis for the founding of ATU.
· To extend the opportunity for higher education to all the Iranian students (men & women), who could profit by it without any kind of distinction.
· To inspire the spirit of Islamic Culture in all branches of social sciences and humanities by giving particular attention to moral and intellectual values.
· To produce graduates of high standard across all courses in the fields of humanities and social sciences who have the motivation and skills for lifelong intellectual creativity.
· To direct the student's self development toward an area of specialization that will make possible the utilization of knowledge and educational experience.
· To develop in each student an effective concern for the common welfare of people and the ability to serve with distinction in every phase of our Islamic Society.
· To identify and to flourish the abilities of students as well as encourage them for research, innovation and creativity in the fields of science, culture and Islamic studies.
· To give priority to the development and maintenance of research excellence and attach great importance to postgraduate activities.
· To provide opportunities for our faculty members and our staff to develop specialized courses, to train the academics of tomorrow.


The following chart illustrates the administrative system of the university. The President is the chief administrator, who is assisted by four vice - presidents in running the university. The faculties and affiliated institutions are under the direct supervision of the president. The university is supervised by the Ministry of Culture & Higher Education.

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