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Imam Muhammad Al Baqir

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir was born at Medina on Tuesday, 3rd Safar, 57 A.H. His mother was the daughter of Imam Hasan. Thus Imam Muhammad al-Baqir combined in himself the families of Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn.
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir became imam after his father in 96(/95) A.H. He is said to have been very learned, and many of his sayings are reported. Because of his vast knowledge, he was given the title of al-Baqir, which means 'the exponder of knowledge'.
Imam al - Baqir continued his preaching peacefully till 114 AH. On the 7th Dhi 'l - hijjah when he was fifty - seven years old , Hisham ibn `Abdi 'l - Malik ibn Marwan , the then ruler , got him martyred through poison . The funeral prayers for this Holy Imam were conducted by his son Imam Ja`far as - Sadiq, the Six Imam, and his body was laid to rest in jannah al- Baqi` in Medina .

Some sayings of Imam Baqir

Take the good speech from whoever said it, even if his practice was not accordingly.

God dislikes people's insisting in requesting from each other,
however, he likes insisting in requesting from him.

A scholar whose knowledge can be benefited from is better than
seventy thousand worshippers.
Tell the people the best thing you like to be told.

Back - biting is to tell regarding your brother something which God
has covered and concealed, and calumny is to accuse your brother of a fault
which he doesn't have.

The one of you who teaches knowledge to others has (before the
Exalted God) the same reward as the learner, and even more.

The greedy to this world is as the silk worm; the more silk it wove around
itself the harder it is to come out until die of grief and sorrow.

No one is safe from sins unless control his tongue.

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