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IRAN From 12 Bahman to 22 Bahman 1979

imam khomeini

12 Bahman 1357(February, 1979)

Massive disturbances in Tabriz, nation in turmoil, demonstrations spread ... governments change, massacres in Tehran and elsewhere, Shah leaves, Ayatollah Khomeini returns, and then ...


14 Bahman 1357 (February 3, 1979)

"Any change in the form of government of Iran should be through free elections and not through demonstrations by an emotional crowd in the streets." -- Shahpour Bakhtiar, last prime minister of the imperial regime.

"We have lost our most important provider of oil." -- Israeli Minister of Justice

"Only an understanding between the religious leaders and the army can solve this crisis." -- General Fereidoun Jam, Iranian armed forces high command.


15 Bahman 1357 (4 February 1979)

"[This] "Islamic Republic" is an unknown for me ... Iran has one government. More than this is intolerable, either for me or for you or for any other Iranian ... Those fermenting a civil war will be put in front of the firing squad ... I will compromise neither with Shah nor with Khomeini. I will not give permission to Ayatollah Khomeini to form an interim government ... I will implement all of Ayatollah Khomeini"s views in law ... I shall reply to Molotov cocktails by Molotov cocktails ... An Islamic government limited to Qum is permissible, and we shall then have a Vatican too ..." -- Shahpour Bakhtiar, prime minister, Tehran radio interview

What we had not predicted was that a 78 year old man, an Ayatollah who had spent 14 years in exile, could forge together these forces and turn all of these volcanoes into one immense volcano, into a national and real revolution." -- Stansfield Turner, Director of the CIA

Following the disappearance of a number of air force cadets, Ayatollah Taleghani demands a public explanation from the commanders of air bases.

Ayatollah Khomeini meets with a group of parliament deputies who had resigned from their seat.


16 Bahman 1357 (5 February 1979)

Ayatollah Khomeini appoints Mehdi Bazargan as prime minister of the revolution"s provisional government.

"Naturally considering my weak physique and all my faults and problems I should not have accepted this responsibility." -- Mehdi Bazargan, prime minister of the interim government in a message of thanks to the Iranian nation and the revolution"s leadership.

"I request the Iranian nation to express their views regarding the government of Mr. Bazargan, which is an Islamic government, both through the newspapers and media and also through peaceful demonstrations in cities and villages ..." -- Ayatollah Khomeini, following the formation of the Bazargan government

"My cabinet is not a shadow or a fantasy - it is quite serious."-- Mehdi Bazargan speaking at Alavi School following his appointment as prime minister

"We are not afraid of this threat. If they want to threaten us, let them threaten us with something else. This is a very small thing, and if it is actually implemented, I for one will be very thankful and in complete peace of mind." -- Mehdi Bazargan, commenting on Prime Minister Bakhtiar"s threat to arrest him and his cabinet

"We, the Islamic leaders, do not have a claim on government." -- Ayatollah Taleghani

A group of military personnel, in a show of support for the revolution, March in front of Alavi school, residence of the leader of revolution.


17 Bahman 1357 (6 February 1979)

Army opens fire in pro-Bazargan demonstration in Zahedan.

Personnel of the prime minister"s office embark on a walkout in front of the building, in support of Bazargan.

"Zahedi"s mission in the US has been terminated ... Iran will leave CENTO." -- Ahmad Mirfendereski, Foreign Minister, commenting on the Iranian Ambassador to the US and Iran"s membership in the US backed regional organization, CENTO.

"The information in the hands of the Americans was wrong - the religious uprising in Iran has much deeper roots than first imagined." -- Bruno Kreisky, Austrian Chancellor

Majority of members of parliament reject a no confidence motion for Prime Minister Bakhtiar, and his ouster.


18 Bahman 1357 (7 February 1979)

"The Shah must be tried in absentia." -- Ayatollah Khomeini, in meeting with judges of the judiciary 22 members of parliament resign.

Military governor of Tehran reduces the curfew hours.

Millions demonstrate in Tehran and the provinces to express their support for the Bazargan government.

Personnel of 11 ministries and many other government agencies announce that they will take orders only from the Bazargan government.

"Western diplomats close to the armed forces believe that the generals have reached the conclusion that they are not powerful enough to take power through a military coup." -- Associated Press, Dispatch from Tehran

"I am willing to cooperate with supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini." -- Shahpour Bakhtiar, BBC interview

"We support the implementation of the constitution in Iran ... We have been in touch with all groups, including Mehdi Bazargan, through diplomatic channels, although we have not made any contacts with him after his election to the position of prime minister ... The United States cannot ignore the great street referendum of the Iranian nation in favor of Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris and after his return to Iran." -- Hudding Carter, U.S. State Department Spokesman

"The armed forces must not interfere in politics. They must be supportive of the constitution, and the legal government." -- General Abbas Gharabaghi, chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, speaking in graduation ceremonies at the Officer"s College, which was conducted under heavy security and without a single photo or mention of the Shah.


19 Bahman 1357 (8 February 1979)


Kayhan publishes the photo of a mass military salute by the personnel and officers of the Iranian Air Force to Ayatollah Khomeini during their visit to his headquarters at Alavi School earlier today.

"On page 1 of Kayhan Newspaper, dated Thursday, 19th of Bahman 1357, a large, doctored, and fake photo was published with the title "march of thousands of military personnel". The fakeness of this photo is completely obvious to anybody who is aware of the most basic rules of photography and montage. Also clear is the evil intents of those who sow the seeds of division and who wish to penetrate the unbreakable structure of our armed forces, so that they reach their own wishes and goals." -- Communiqué of the High Command of the Iranian Armed Forces regarding the Kayhan photo.

Millions demonstrate in Tehran and the provinces to express their support for the Bazargan government.

"The armed forces must return to the people, just as many people and many groups have returned, and we have welcomed them with open arms." -- Ayatollah Khomeini in his message of thanks to the Iranian nation for their support of the interim government

Bazargan is reported to have entered into negotiations with high ranking officers of the armed forces.

Clashes between the army and demonstrators continue in Gorgan, Gonbad, and Arak. Scores killed and wounded.

Personnel of 11 ministries and other government agencies pledge their allegiance to the Bazargan government. These include the ministries of health, economics and finance, foreign affairs, justice, housing and urban development, energy, and information.

"Civil war is inevitable if Khomeini and Bakhtiar do not reach a compromise." -- U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

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