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Top 12 Best Ways to Cure Bleeding Gums Naturally

bleeding gums


Bleeding gums refers to a clinical state in which the gums appear swollen and often bleed during brushing your teeth or eating rough food. The causes for bleeding gums may be due to poor oral hygiene, but may also be indicative of other health conditions like pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, scurvy, leukemia or many other kinds of infections. This condition can be prevented by easily available home remedies that are easy to follow and can result in an improved dental condition within a matter of weeks. Although, if home remedies don’t seem to work, then you may have to see a doctor.

Bleeding Gums, in simple terms, means regular bleeding of the gums. It can occasionally be an indication of some serious ailments like platelet disorder or leukemia. If not taken care of properly, it may lead to gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. Luckily, it is reversible and can be cured via simple and easy home remedies as well as maintaining proper hygienic health of your mouth.

Home Remedies

Eat a Healthier Diet

Improving your diet can go a long way toward improving your oral health and stopping bleeding gums. A diet full of whole foods, such as vegetables and fruits, gives your gums the nutrients they need. If your diet is packed with nutritionally deficient, sugary foods, such as candy, soda and refined breads, your gums aren't getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy and intact

Raw Vegetables

Fresh and raw vegetables are great for overall health improvement. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and low in fats and calories.

Chewing raw vegetables help to improve blood circulation in gums and thus may help to reduce and treat the bleeding of gums.


If you are not intolerant to lactose and have no other problems relating to drinking milk, then it is one of the best home solutions. Milk is rich in calcium and, therefore, can be used as an effective home remedy for bleeding gums. However, bear in mind that milk is also a source of fat. When you take milk, fat may stick to your gum which is not good for healthy gums. It is, therefore, very important to brush your teeth after taking milk. Dentists advise not to take milk one hour before going to bed.

Gargle with Salt Water

Gargling and rinsing your mouth with salt water is one of the most common natural remedies for bleeding gums.

All you need to do is just add a spoonful of salt to a glass of warm water and gargle and rinse your mouth with it for about 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat this at least 3 to 4 times a day, especially after meals.

Using Baking Soda or Sodium Bi Carbonate

Baking soda is another easy to use and readily available home remedy for bleeding gums. Dip your tooth brush in the baking soda powder and brush your teeth normally as you would do using toothpaste. Or make a solution of baking soda and water and swish around in your mouth a couple of times.  

Apply Honey

Honey has been known to have antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties. So, it can be quite effective to treat your gum problems. After you are done with brushing your teeth, take a bit of honey on your fingertips and apply it to the affected areas of your gums. But keep in mind that since honey is extremely rich in sugar, you should apply it only to your gums and not on your teeth because that may lead to tooth decay.

Use Tea Bags

Many people believe that drinking tea can provide relief from bleeding gums. But that is not true. In fact, discoloration and staining of teeth occur due to excessive drinking of tea. But what you can do is use sufficiently warmed tea bags for curing your gum diseases. First of all, you need to put the tea bags in hot water for some time. Then, you need to let it cool for a while till it reaches a comfortable temperature. Then place the tea bags near the affected area of your gums and hold it there for about 5 minutes. This process works because the tannic acid that the tea bags contain is helpful for curing bleeding gums effectively.

Brush with Cayenne Powder

Cayenne is an effective antibacterial agent and can be used to kill the bacteria that cause gum bleeding. All you need to do is to put some cayenne powder on your brush. Brushing your teeth with cayenne powder may give a slight stinging feeling, but it is an extremely effective cure for bleeding gums.

Use Lemon Paste

Use lemon juice along with salt and make a paste out of it to apply to your teeth. Wash off after a few minutes by gargling and rinsing the mouth with warm water.

This is an effective remedy because lemons have a lot of qualities that are conducive to treating bleeding gums. They are rich in vitamin C and are also anti-inflammatory.


Gingivitis causes gums to be red and sore. Alum works perfectly against the redness of the bleeding gums. Dissolve some alum in warm water and gargle with the solution. Repeat three times a day.  

Use Aloe Vera

It is very useful against inflammation of gums. It destroys bacteria responsible for gingivitis. It also helps in speeding up of the process of healing. Massage the aloe Vera gel into the gums.  

Quit Smoking

Smoking is terrible for your health. Along with increasing your risk for certain cancers and heart disease, it plays a big role in the development of gum disease, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. The toxins in tobacco smoke keep your gums from getting the nutrition that they need, and can lead to inflammation. Quitting can be tough, but it's one of the most important things to do if you want to protect your oral and overall health.







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