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Stop Sweaty Hands Fast

sweaty hands

There is no doubt that sweaty hands can be be very annoying. It causes embarrassment and awkwardness in situations where you need to make contact with another person. It can cause negative first impressions when shaking hands and this can severely impede your professional career or personal relationships. If you have palmar hyperhidrosis – the medical term for sweaty palms – and it is becoming a hindrance, you need to take action as soon as possible.
If you play a sport that needs dry hands, having sweaty palms is a nightmare. Going to the gym and lifting weights is very dangerous when your hands are wet. The list of problems that a sweaty hand can cause is endless and these are just some of them.
While having sweaty palms may not be life threatening, it is serious enough that it can be debilitating. It may also be a symptom of an underlying health condition so it is important that you do something about it. Below are some of the most effective palmar hyperhidrosis treatment options.
Getting rid of sweaty hands naturally!
Stay Relaxed and Stress Free

Stress is one of the main reasons for sweaty hands, so reduce your stress and anxiety levels first. Practice relaxing breathing exercises and meditation which will reduce your mental stress.

Once again, water proves to be beneficial for your skin. Drinking water will reduce perspiration in your body and will help you in getting rid of the problem.  It is advisable to drink minimum of 10-12 glasses of water in a day, to keep the problem at bay.
Use a Baby Powder
If you sweat mildly, then baby powder will serve your purpose as it absorbs the sweat quite effectively. However, you can also apply normal talcum powder, but please do not use deodorants and other antiperspirants as they tend to clog your pores.
Iodine Rich Food
Deficiency of Iodine in the body may cause problems like thyroid, which increases sweating in your body. Consume food that is highly rich in Iodine such as fish, eggs, or even normal salt will also serve the purpose as it is a rich source of Iodine.
Herbs have been proven to be an effective cure for many body disorders since ancient times. Herbs like turmeric not only detoxify blood, but also combat the problem of sweaty palms and hands. Consume turmeric in your diet or drink turmeric mixed milk to get rid of the problem.
Sage Tea
Start drinking sage tea every morning. Prepare it by boiling the tea leaves in water, which will release the essential oil of the leaves into water. It has astringent properties that remove excess oil from the body, preventing perspiration.  Do not drink this tea in excess as it may cause headache if consumed in larger quantities.      
Tea Bath
This is another tested method that works well for sweaty hands and palms. Take 5 tea bags and brew them in boiling water. Let it cool for some time. Dip your hands in the cold solution for 20-30 minutes. Continuing the process will cure the problem in few days.
Soak Hands in Tea
Soak a few teabags in a tumbler and allow tea to mix. Once the solution gets a dark color, soak your hands in this mixture for at least 30 minutes in a day. It acts as an astringent and helps in shrinking pores that in turns reduce sweating.
Soak Hands in Cold Water
Cold is a natural astringent and can cure any problems. If you constantly suffer from sweaty hands problem, you can soak your hand in cold water for at least 3 hours prior to any important event or occasion.
Use Tomato Juice
 Tomato is extremely good for skin and helps in preventing sweat. It helps in keeping the skin clean and fresh. You can start your day with fresh tomato juice and have it throughout of the week.
It will bring a marked reduction in sweating. Tomato juice can be applied on your palms directly too. As it keep palms fresh and completely dry.
Use Rosewater Vinegar
This solution is loaded with double astringent properties and combines to form a wonderful antiperspirant. Rose petals can be used too if rosewater is not available and mixed with vinegar.
This can be applied evenly on the hands every morning and in the evening. It will help in reducing the problem of sweaty hands.
Try Baking Soda Treatment
Baking soda is used as a treatment in several ailments. It works well to reduce sweaty hands too. In a tumbler warm water add2-3 tablespoon of baking soda and allow it to dissolve well. The alkaline property of the soda reacts with sweat and helps in keeping the hands dry.
Food to Avoid

If you sweat more than a limit, then you should stop consuming some foods like white onion, curry leaves, garlic, broccoli, and you should eat more of green leafy vegetables.

Try these tested and proven home remedies and see how your problem will be vanished in few days.


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