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7 Effective Home Remedies for Eye Stye



A stye is a firm, red lump that develops on the eyelid. It looks like a pimple and may cause some amount of pain. A stye fills with pus and usually subsides on its own in a few days. Styes usually form along the outer edge of the eyelid, but may also develop on the inner region. The pain and discomfort caused by styes may be relieved through natural treatments such as warm compresses.

Symptoms of Stye

Eye stye symptoms include the following:

1. Pain in the affected eyelid

2. Tenderness

3. Burning sensation

4. Swelling of the eyelid

5. Appearance of a red, raised area on the eyelid which looks like a pimple

6. Watering of the eye

7. Discomfort while blinking

8. Increased sensitivity to light

9. Grittiness in the eyes

10. Mucus discharge from the affected eye

The symptoms of a stye may sometimes be similar to other medical conditions; therefore it is best to consult your doctor. Styes are usually harmless and do not cause any damage to the eyes. You can use home treatments such as placing a warm cloth over the affected eyelid. This will relieve the symptoms. If the stye persists for more than a week or if the swelling and redness spread to other parts of the face, consult your doctor immediately.

Causes of Stye

Some of the most common causes of styes include:

1. The bacteria known as staphylococcus are usually responsible for causing styes. There may also be other bacteria involved in some cases. The bacteria can transfer to the eyes due to poor hygiene.

2. Eye stye causes also include inflammation. A condition known as blepharitis leads to chronic inflammation along the rim of the eyelid. Taking the proper treatment for blepharitis will help to prevent the occurrence of styes.

3. Hormonal changes

4. Stress

Treatment Options

Warning – do not squeeze a stye

Do not try to squeeze the pus out of a stye. If the stye is not ready to burst, the infected pus may be squeezed into the tissue next to the stye, causing the infection to spread further.

Preventing spread of infection

Suggestions to prevent the spread of infection include:

1. Don't touch, rub or squeeze the stye.

2. Dispose of a used 'compress' in a rubbish bin, so that others do not have to handle it.

3. Wash your hands frequently.

Blocked sebaceous gland

Skin is lubricated and waterproofed by a greasy substance called sebum, which is made by sebaceous glands. If a blocked sebaceous gland is in the eyelid, it may look similar to a stye (when it swells with sebum), but it is not painful or red. Blocked sebaceous glands will often go without any treatment, but they may need to be cut out if the lump is irritating the eye.

Home Remedies for Eye Stye

Milk and Turmeric

Turmeric is a root of the plant and it has anti fungal elements in it. Drinking of milk once daily mixed with turmeric can thus help in effective reduction of eye stye. It also speeds up the process of healing.

Lukewarm Compress

Take a clean cloth and dip it into lukewarm water. Squeeze out the excess water and then press that cloth over your affected eye for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process 4-5 times a day. The warm compress helps in draining out the pus from the bumps. It also provides relief from the burning of the eyes.


Take a handful of parsley and brew it in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Dip a clean cloth in that water and apply over the closed lid of your affected eye. Lie back and relax for about 15 minutes after completion of the process. The parsley acts as a purification agent for the eyes which helps in bringing out the toxic materials. That in turn helps in a speedy healing.

The Garlic Juice

Garlic is quite well known because of its medicinal values for healing infections. You can get rid of the eye stye by applying fresh garlic juice around the infected area.

Water Splash

One of the most important steps involved during eye stye is to keep your eyes clean. Wash your eyes with clean water for at least five to six times daily. This will check the infection from growing more. Also that will result in faster healing process of your eyes.


You can use slices of onions over your infected eye to get rid of the pain and also to speed up the healing process. It is obvious that using of onion will burn a little but it is very effective and thus worth giving a shot.

Tea Bag

Dip an herbal tea bag into boiling water and then slowly press it over your eyes. Keep a tab on the temperature and try to take it down to warm before applying. The herbal tea helps in bringing out the pus. It also helps in reducing the infection.





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