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Imam Sadjad’s Sermon in Syria (Damascus): part 1

imam sadjad (a.s)

After Karbala tragedy, they took Imam Sadjad (A.S) and the other household of the Imam to Kufa and Damascus. The Imam and his aunt Zeinab started revealing facts about Ashura tragedy and the corrupt government of Umayyad Dynasty. In between Karbala and Damascus, Imam Sadjad talked about the philosophy of his father’s uprising. All other revelations by the family were under the management of the Imam. He shed tears observing the orphan children of Hazrat Abolfazl (A.S). When they wanted to kill a sheep, he asked whether they had watered the animal. He continued that they killed his father without serving him water. And it was because of these things that Ashura uprising will be never forgotten.

The infallible household of the Prophet (PBUH) entered Damascus in Safar 1, Hegira 61. The city had suffered four decades of adverse publicity against the Emir of the Believers. Muawiyah had hired a number of greedy orators to insult and curse Imam Ali (A.S) in the public.

During this period, the people of Syria had learnt Islam from Umayyad kings and they were ignorant of the school of the Prophet (PBUH). They considered the Omavid kings the true descendants of the Prophet (PBUH). Unlike the people of Kufa, they thought a foreigner named Hussein had risen against Emir of the Believers Yazid!!! So the caliph had to kill him and take his family captive. To that end, they had organized festivities for the victory.

Imam Sadjad’s sermon in Damascus was one of the most critical sermons that changed the mind of many people.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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